[Announcement] New function available for TripleA

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We would like to inform that we have implemented two new functions into https://www.triplea.reviews/


    The search function is now available on TripleA and will show only results from TripleA from posts using the aaa tag.


    We have implemented an announcement function, which will be located on top of the page. Depending on the settings of your TripleA page the announcement will be visible in English or Korean.

Thanks for your support and have fun with TripleA~!

※ The following part is needed to put filled in and added to your text, as otherwise it will not be included later on phase II on Triple A.
※ 리뷰 하단에 다음 두가지 항목 포함 필수 (미포함 시 차후 자체사이트에 반영 안됨)

  • Movie URL: (Look at https://www.themoviedb.org/ for your title and put the URL here)

  • Critic: (Choose between A, AA, AAA and input the Data)

  • 영화 URL: (https://www.themoviedb.org/ 에서 리뷰하고싶은 영화 검색후 URL 이곳에 삽입)

  • 별점: (A, AA, AAA 중 선택해서 이곳에 삽입)

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One question I have, after payout post I don't getting AAA POWER only getting Tokens only, for change Token to Stack it not allowing me. Can you pls give information about it. Any also getting very low tokens. For example my post get 199 aaa after payout I get only 44 tokens.

I don't understanding what the payout system. Pls clarify my issues.

Thanking you


Goooooood ! 💙 ♩♬

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