[Announcement] Secret Event for TripleA

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Hi TripleA users,

We have started a secret event for TripleA on our page

But unfortunately our wizard Segye has not told us in detail what it is. We only know that our wizard has hidden a easter egg function on the site and hinted us as followed.

  1. You may find the easter egg when writing or reading TripleA reviews.
  2. You may find it when you share good reviews on Facebook.
  3. You may find it when you leave comments.
  4. You may find it when donating to good reviews.

Who is going to be the first to find the hidden code from our wizard Segye?

※ The following part is needed to put filled in and added to your text, as otherwise it will not be included later on phase II on Triple A.
※ 리뷰 하단에 다음 두가지 항목 포함 필수 (미포함 시 차후 자체사이트에 반영 안됨)

  • Movie URL: (Look at https://www.themoviedb.org/ for your title and put the URL here)

  • Critic: (Choose between A, AA, AAA and input the Data)

  • 영화 URL: (https://www.themoviedb.org/ 에서 리뷰하고싶은 영화 검색후 URL 이곳에 삽입)

  • 별점: (A, AA, AAA 중 선택해서 이곳에 삽입)

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Sir I have one issue pls solve it.

For converting aaa tokens to aaa power it not sapporting me, pls give details how to convert tokens to power. It always shows broadcast errors. How to resolve it.

Not the best person to, but, have you tried doing it over here or on steem-engine? Either way, you must use your active key and the conversion process is labelled as STAKE(staking or powering up)

I try in aaa site not in Steem engine. If you know how to power up, pls give details to me. Step by step process pls

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  1. Head over to steem-engine and log in with either the keychain or steemconnect.
  2. Make a purchase of the AAA tokens (if you have not).
  3. After you are sure the trade is complete/tokens are available in your wallet, click the wallet tab (this step helps you to view all your token balances),
  4. and on the raw AAA is stated, watch the right end where a padlock icon is situated (hovering over it makes a pop up of Stake),
  5. enter amount to stake (not more than what you have) and proceed with the confirmation which will also happen over steemconnect log in.

Confirm the transaction is complete and there you have your AAA staked.

Thank you very much for help

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