[Announcement] TripleA Upvoting Bot started!

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Hi, TripleA has adapted the promoter bot service offered from Steem-Engine. You can now use your AAA tokens and send them to our @triplea.bot and get upvoted in Steem. The bot has currentyl 100K SP available. We would like to give a short introduction how to use the bot with Keychain.

1. Howto

a. Login to Keychain and look at your AAA's and choose transfer image.png


b. Input who it is going to be transferred, how much and the address for upvoting

The bot has in the moment a setting of max 10K AAA.

  • Transfer to: @triplea.bot
  • Transfer amount: 100AAA - 10K AAA
  • Address: steemit, triplea.reviews address
    The posting does not need to be AAA related.

c. Checking the transfer

When you go back to the token transfer list, you can click on the watch icon. image.png


Here you can check if the transfer has been successful


If you have paid too much or something went wrong, the bot will refund it automatically. So don't worry.

Example of error message

d. Check you upvoting

If you use https://steemworld.org/ or steempeak or busy you can check if @triplea.reviews has already upvoted your post. @triplea.bot will be also available on https://steembottracker.com/ for an easier and detailed use.


2. How the economics of the Bot works

If you delegate to @triplea.bot you will get rewarded based on the following rules

  • Baseline for Example: If we have in total 100K SP and 10K are staked directly at @triplea.bot and 90K are delegated.
  • Example: Request an upvote with 100AAA
    1. @postpromoter will take 5% fix as service charge - 5 AAA
    2. Delegators based on their stake - 85.5AAA
    3. sinking and burned to @null - 9.5AAA

An important part is, that if the @triplea.bot has more Steempower the % of burned AAA is going to increase over the time, which will also help the economy of Triple.A.

3. How to delegate

You can use the links below to delegate directly. The payment of AAA are done on a daily base automatically from the bot.

500 | 1000 | 2000 | 3000 | 5000 | 10,000 | 20,000 | 50,000 |

Additionally, we are considering bonus rewards for delegators to @triplea.bot and will announce these on a separate post.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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@jayplay.aaa, This is awesome news and for sure it will going to add up so much value and inturn it will drive the use of this Token. Stay blessed.

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