Actifit Daily: Enhancements to Wallet Screen. Daily Updates

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Enhancements to Wallet Screen

We have made quite few modifications to your experience on, particularly on the wallet screen, which we believe will assist with the so many new features and setups Actifit has recently introduced.

Exchange List Queue

Due to the introduction of the Top 25 AFITX holders priority queue, the prior order of pending queue became inaccurate. So what we did was adjust this to show the users among top 25 who actually submitted an exchange request at the top of the queue, followed by the normal queue.


You will notice that if a top user has not submitted a request for exchange, their name will not show and their number will be skipped, such as for example for number 12 who is missing from above list.
The list gets updated every 5 mins, so in case you just bought AFITX to join the top queue you might not show instantaneously.

Just below this list will be the existing list of standard pending queue


You will also notice that instead of actual hours, and due to the continuously decreasing value of STEEM and the need for us to cover properly the amount of posts and exchanges queued, our voting rounds are taking longer than 24 hours, sometimes reaching 30 hours. So to avoid the confusion, we removed the estimated hours and identified the pending wait by voting round.
So for instance, top 25 AFITX holders are planned to receive an upvote "Within next voting round" as you can see in screenshot above. Similarly to many of the top 40 pending queue requests. Others would have longer pending waiting time.


Keep in mind that those are estimates and are usually a worst case scenario (unless you don't have a post available when your turn is up), meaning while you could be initially planned for round 4 and get processed in round 3, since many factors affect the processing of the queue, including you and the others having a valid available post, the number of top AFITX holders requesting the exchange, and the order in which you submitted your request. At a time, it is possible that more than 40 standard exchange request get processed.

Similarly, the exchange AFIT section info area has received some modifications, the first of which is adjusting the queue # to better reflect the waiting time and rounds.

Also we are now displaying your AFITX rank should you be in the top 100 AFITX holders. We will also highlight how far away you are from reaching the top 25 AFITX list.


We will be introducing soon also a timer that shows when the next round will kick off.

Also with the very long waiting times for the queues, we will be introducing some constraints to submit requests to the queue, via requiring a min amount of AFIT tokens to be held before being able to join the queue. More on that in the coming few days.

Top 100 Token Holders

As many have requested, we have brought this functionality to your wallet so as you can easily access and spot the top 100 token holders for both AFIT and AFITX.

The lists are available via clicking the relevant link next to the AFIT or AFITX


The list will show the top 100 holders, the amount they hold, and if you are among the list your name will be highlighted.


Unlike the AFITX list, The list of top 100 AFIT holders only takes into consideration the amount of AFIT in your wallet, not the ones on steem-engine.


Top Daily Actifitters

Our latest voting round included 718 rewarded reports.
Below are the top 20 actifitters from this round. Well done guys !!

RankActifit MemberUser RankActivity CountAFITs Rewarded@actifit UpvotePost Link
#1@actifit-peter68.741025188.185 Tokens0.87%post
#2@actifit-peter64.741600485.185 Tokens20.25%post
#3@amico46.684809584.67 Tokens20.24%post
#4@artelmedia22.12987083.06 Tokens0.82%post
#5@lightsplasher561000783 Tokens0.82%post
#6@practicaleric51.52032481.875 Tokens0.81%post
#7@thereikiforest472131480.75 Tokens0.79%post
#8@tattoodjay42.111927079.5275 Tokens20.19%post
#9@practicaleric47.52100378.875 Tokens0.78%post
#10@pjansen47.351127378.8375 Tokens20.19%post
#11@kenny-crane54.011109078.5025 Tokens0.77%post
#12@marfonso45.51009378.375 Tokens0.77%post
#13@pjansen51.351131377.8375 Tokens0.77%post
#14@ervin-lemark561016677 Tokens0.76%post
#15@tattoodjay46.111288276.5275 Tokens0.75%post
#16@browery54.011417676.5025 Tokens0.75%post
#17@mcoinz7928.081311976.02 Tokens0.75%post
#18@runridefly66.831364375.7075 Tokens20.15%post
#19@browery50.011899675.5025 Tokens0.74%post
#20@roger5120573138275.25 Tokens0.74%post

A kind reminder to all actifitters: some versions of esteem app still cause issues when used to edit your reports, via removing essential info Actifit uses to identify proper reports. This prevents related reports from receiving rewards.
Until this issue is officially fixed via the esteem team, we advise that you use other Steem interfaces for editing, including our own, steemit, busy or others.

Doubled UP Rewarded Actifitter

Today's Random Double Up Reward went to @artelmedia!
This lead to doubling up the AFIT token rewards and the STEEM upvote value.
Congrats! & Don't forget to claim your "Lucky Doubled Up" badge on your profile page.

RankActifit MemberUser RankActivity CountAFITs Rewarded@actifit UpvotePost Link
#4@artelmedia22.12987083.06 Tokens0.82%post

Will your rewards get doubled UP tomorrow? :)

Our Newest Actifitters

In case this is the first time you see this section, essentially it aims to introduce new actifitters to our amazing community.

During the last voting round, we were happy to welcome the below new actifitters, joining more than 3,500 unique users who had posted an actifit report.

Our recent joiners are: @loydjayme25, @zickychris, @karomeow, @adinapoli, @rullicky, @iven.acti, @ranyelkhoury, @dreamkyutrue, @mamunkhan1, @diavole1, @bcuda69, @frappuchino and @mrfilter.
Feel free to check out their recent reports and welcome them to the Actifit community!

Delegation Status

Actifit continues to receive amazing support by the community. We would like to extend our thanks to everyone who is continuously supporting Actifit.

Below is the recent delegation updates' list:
@mansi94(10 SP)
@epicdave(20 SP)
@bluengel(562 SP)
@pjansen(132 SP)
@chireerocks(50 SP)
@strev(222 SP)
@bigbot(9,800 SP)
@pouchon(1,000 SP)
@davidesimoncini(20 SP)
@kork75(10 SP)
@runridefly(2,659 SP)
@geekdancing(160 SP)
@zelenicic(50 SP)
@holger80(200 SP)
@fitnessgal(90 SP)
@aekraj(530 SP)
@general.guy(25 SP)

Thank you to all delegators for the wonderful support! To see the list of all our delegators, check out

The amount of delegated SP has a large influence over not only the daily/weekly delegation reward, but also on the amount of rewards the actifitter receives on daily reports, as it constitutes a key element in User Rank.

Which is why being an Actifit delegator now has more influence on your rewards, coupled with number of AFIT tokens and other factors highlighted before.

Delegators share a max cap of 100K AFIT tokens according to their delegation amount, and also earn a 5% beneficiary reward from actifit posts' beneficiary earnings.

We are appreciative of more delegations to be able to better award actifitters and support our project, so thank you for doing that !

When you are looking to increase your delegation, you need to use the new total amount as the delegation amount, and not only the increased amount. Otherwise only the new amount will be used, and the remaining amount will be undelegated.

@actifit Team

To delegate to Actifit, you can use any of the following links:
10SP, 20SP, 30SP, 50SP, 100SP, 250SP, 500SP, 1,000SP, 5,000SP, 10,000SP, 20,000SP, Custom Amount
Make sure you have at least 15 SP left on your account.

consider voting for Actifit as witness


Our Top Delegators
An additional big thank you to some of our top supporters

@goodnewworld | @freedom | @sepracore | @fitat40 | @julialee66 | @selfvotejustice | @supergiant | @bigbot | @taskmaster4450 | | @wil.metcalfe | @jasonshick |

Our wonderful ambassadors

@akomoajong | @alexvanaken | @ervin-lemark | @flauwy | @jaraumoses | @jasonshick | @rosatravels | | @toocurious | @pearlumie

Our amazing moderators

@alfamano | @alokkumar121 | @ashikstd | @ciuoto | @ckole | @definethedollar | @katerinaramm | @priyanarc | @rabihfarhat | @pjansen | @thereikiforest | @vishalsingh4997 | @sumit71428

Haven't downloaded Actifit yet? download it from the playstore or from the app store and start your journey to fitness and rewards!

@actifit team



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❤️ actifit ❤️

Posted using Partiko Android

The entire actifit team is sooo amazing! I am so glad to be part of this movement, a movement where people actively care for their fitness and health!
There is not one day passing with new additions and improvements of this wonderful project!

I welcome all improvements. The reports are great.
However, I must say that the introduction of a priority rule for large AFITX holders is very disadvantageous for other users. I have no idea how difficult it would be to establish a special queue for the 25 largest AFITX holders, but in my view it would be fairer to others.

Thank you @bucipuci
For the queue part, if i got your question right, we are actually working on making the standard queue shorter, maybe you missed this part in the post.

I would just say stack up on some more AFIT in your wallet :)

Thanks for the reply. I'm addicted to the translator, so some thoughts get lost in translation.

Adding AFIT to my wallet with my movement :-)

Great improvements step by srep 💙

Posted using Partiko Android

곰돌이가 @bluengel님의 소중한 댓글에 $0.004을 보팅해서 $0.019을 살려드리고 가요. 곰돌이가 지금까지 총 6193번 $67.783을 보팅해서 $79.339을 구했습니다. @gomdory 곰도뤼~


Posted using Partiko Android

곰돌이가 @gomdory님의 소중한 댓글에 $0.032을 보팅해서 $0.008을 살려드리고 가요. 곰돌이가 지금까지 총 6273번 $68.655을 보팅해서 $80.461을 구했습니다. @gomdory 곰도뤼~

@actifit, I’m addicted to getting my steps. Thank you

Posted using Partiko iOS

You guys are always working to improve the platform and make it better fir us all great work and thanks

Have to head over there to check out my wallet! Thanks for the continued developments and updates!

Posted using Partiko iOS

Hello friends @actifit!

Very good platform updates.

While I am quite new here it is very entertaining to be here with you sharing the physical activity reviews

Happy to have you here @pablo1601.sports
Feel free to join us on discord if you haven't yet. Link is in post

WooHoo. Number 45

@actifit, Thank you so much for your kind mention team. And Keep continuing this amazing work. Stay blessed.

Posted using Partiko Android

Love actifit so much! Really need to get with the new things though and check out this AFITX token!

Actifit is my favourite platform

It’s my favorite as well

Posted using Partiko iOS

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