Splinterlands Journal: 2x Double-Strike For The Win!

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Splinterlands Journal: 2x Double-Strike For The Win!

Splinterlands is honestly becoming a straight-up fun game to play. The only tough part is that it can be a heavy investment for it to be truly enjoyable on the initial investment side of things. That said, if your card base is a bit built-up, there are little joys over time to be discovered.

Here's a brief one I found today. I was able to apply dual, dual-wielding menaces found in the Undead Minotaur and the Hobgoblin. A link to our battle can be found below:


My opponent was the all-too-wonderful @nealmcspadden who I was able to neal-mcSPANK across the splinterland battlegrounds. (just kidding, he'll whoop me next time).

What makes this such a satisfying feat however, is the rather weak nature of the Undead Minotaur, which I've been finding to be all-too-difficult to use on a regular basis. The inability to use him as a tank really limits his potential. Any other position often restricts his use as a melee fighter, and the less the ideal stats does him no favors as well.

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lol I saw the matchup and skipped the battle.

haha stop and smell the roses from time to time :)

The double strikes hurt bad! This along with thrones and retaliate.

I believe the only cards at the moment that have double strike are
Hobgoblin and Undead Minotaur

With undead Minotaur leveling it up a bit will net you a nice retaliate perk at level 6.

Still so tough to use though w/ that whopping 6 mana cost!

True I only ever get this one out when the battle has 26 Mana or more. I believe the highest is 32 Mana for a battle those get crazy but I find them easier compared to the 15 cap where u only get 2 or 3 cards out.

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