I made my delegation to SteemAce

in battle •  3 years ago  (Edited)

Hello everyone, good afternoon everyone from @steem-ace

2 days ago I made my Steem Power delegation for the @steem-ace project.


I delegated 15,477,750 SP to the @good.game account. This account, which was raised by Steem Ace is for voting on posts that have good content and are related to games.

Steem-Ace is asking for delegations and give us delegates their precious GG tokens, which are tokens for those who produce game content and use the "steemace" tag.

A few hours ago I received my first payment. 385 GG tokens fell on my steem-engine account. I can both sell them and get steem when I stake and increase my voting power for the steemace tag.

The post about delegation they can is this:


I recommend everyone to take a look, because your ROI is very good !!!!

Thanks for reading and good games everyone !!!!

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