Today is my birthday

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Hello everyone, good morning everyone. Today is my birthday. I'm 36 today. Time passed very fast. These last years have been of terrible hardness and learning. Many losses and few joys.

One of those joys was meeting the blockchain steem last year and being able to develop various projects, such as posting my texts, making videos and playing some games.

I come here to thank you all for the opportunity.

Thanks to @casagrande, who founded the Brazilians project which is designed to help people in Brazil integrate and develop in steemit.

Thanks to @clove71, who introduced me to the game SteemMonsters and besides having a lot of fun in it, I can win a little steem. I am very grateful to her.

Thanks to @steem-engine and its founders, who made a certain revolution in steem blockchain by bringing several projects here.

Thanks to the Palnet network, which has an excellent project for our content on steem.

Thanks to BattleGames (@battlegames) and SteemAce (@steem-ace) for allowing me to earn a little by posting about games.

Thanks to the game SteemMonsters (@steemmonsters) and which are a great game and a great place to post about it respectively.

Thanks to the SteemLeo(@steem.leo) community that allows me to post about investment.

Thanks to the Neoxian City community that has really cool contests and I can post good stuff on it.

Thanks to Dtube (@dtube) for giving me the opportunity to post several cool videos.

Thanks to @nathanmars that made a amazing work to promote steem and dtube channel on twitter.

And thanks to all the friends I made here on the blockchain Steem.

Thank you and good morning!!!!

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Ohhhh happy belated birthday @julisavio ! I hope you had a wonderful birthday and I am happy to have you here as a part of the steem blockchain and of course of SteemAce!

thank you, beautiful @auminda

Happy birthday @julisavio !
I hope you had an awesome day!

Parabéns, muitas felicidades, tudo de bom com as bençãos de Deus!! Q coincidência somos de agosto! O @casagrande tb é de agosto! ;)

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muito obrigado, senhorita Leticia!!!


Obrigado, senhorita aiuna!!!!


thaank you a lot, dear prettynicevideo!!!!

Happy birthday @julisavio.
Hope you have a great day mate!

thank you, man!!!!

happy birthday!

thannk youuu

wish you Happy birthday @julisavio.

thank youuu

Happy Birthday to you @julisavio
Don't know if you are drinking alcohol, but to celebrate here have a !BEER
And also some !trdo

I'm also really greatful to be part of this and to got to know positive and supportive people like you :)

Enjoy YOUR day! <3

yes , man

I am drinking a beer now and playing steemmonsters :D

thank you