Trading Steem-engine tokens - an analysis on some tokens

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Ever since SCOTs and Tribes came out, I've been closely monitoring tokens on Steem-engine. As I have been an early investor in Splinterlands, I have been buying and selling DEC tokens on Steem-engine, and once I got more involved in some of the Tribes, such as SportsTalk, I started to visit Steem-engine on a daily basis. If like me, you are wanting to dabble in some trading on Steem-engine, then it is important to understand the various tokens on Steem-engine, and identify which tokens to trade/invest in. Below are some observations on tokens I have followed:

SCOT and Tribe based tokens

  • SCT and SCTM - SCT is the earliest SCOT I came across and one of the strongest SCOTs out there. Unlike most of the Tribe tokens, SCT and SCTM have held their values and have consistently been traded heavily, whilst appreciating in value. So in my opinion, both SCT and SCTM are fairly safe trades with an established community.
  • SPORTS - The SPORTS token is one of the more fascinating tokens out there. It has fluctuated wildly in value, and if you follow its announcements, you can get a head start on some of the swings in trend it has established. Both its uptrends and downtrends have fluctuated greatly, and have provided very good short term trades. Eg. Recently the price had risen from 0.0003 Steem to 0.0016 Steem in a couple of days.
  • Some of the other larger Tribe tokens worth trading are LEO, PAL and SPT, due to their large communities, innovations and relatively high liquidity.

Non-Tribe tokens

  • ALPHA and BETA tokens are some of my favorite tokens to trade and invest in. As both tokens are backed by Splinterlands cards with real value, they become a good investment as well as trade. The BETA tokens are a good hedge against falling Steem prices as Beta packs are priced in USD, and ALPHA is a good investment as Splinterlands Alpha packs are becoming fewer and fewer
  • ENG and DEC - Finally, if you are looking for a high liquidity token, then trading between ENG and DEC are a good option. They have good liquidity and also high utility, so tokens will become more and more scarce.

In summary, there are an overwhelming amount of tokens on Steem-engine, with new ones created each day. Some of them are going to be pump and dump tokens, so make sure you don't get caught in the dump.

Above is just some of my thoughts and experiences on the Steem-engine tokens. How about you? Which tokens do you like to trade and why?

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thanks for the reminder, i forget to check steemengine might go buy / sell something lol

!neoxag 10

What about that 500 PORN you have? 😎

you shush

No prob. :) Thanks brother for the tip. That’s a pretty cool bot. Does it work only with NEOXAG?

you have to send neoxag to a tip wallet first, forgot which blog i read, maybe from zuku?

O cool. Thanks for that.

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I think i'll be going to check about sports token,for today i was focusing neoxag all the way...its better to try also some other tokens and grab some great opportunities to power up my steem account :)

SPORTS is a nice token, but keep in mind that it has just gone on 400% rise recently. It has pulled back a bit since the quick rise but may pull back further.

Ohw, i see..thanks for the tips sir🙏

You’re welcome. :)

yeppppp SPT, DEC, ALPHA and BETA .... just all Splinterland stuff :)

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Good choices. All fairly safe investments. :)