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今天这家港式茶餐厅真不错 / This Hong Kong style tea restaurant is really good.

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Luohu and Futian have many Hong Kong-style tea restaurants.
But in my memory, the Hong Kong-style tea restaurant in Futian Shui Wai has the most.
But the authentic Hong Kong taste is rare.
Because it was slowly assimilated by the mainland.
Hunan and Sichuan are all major migrant workers, so many tea restaurants in Shenzhen have a lot of Chuanxiang flavor.
This family today has Sichuan cuisine.

Everyone knows that the "smoke" of "new hair" is the most famous. The one that I eat today is mainly beef. Hong Kong-style tea restaurant is authentic and not right. Look at tea. This frozen milk tea is quite authentic.
However, if you want to eat authentic Hong Kong, you still have to go to Hong Kong.
When Hong Kong disappears this time, I still have to eat and eat in the past.

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