Bloodbank, Woodland Singapore 兀兰血库

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Introducing fellow Steemians another blood bank, located northern side of Singapore - Blood bank @Woodland. This is the third blood banks in Singapore I paid a visit for blood donation, and upon completion of this, would be considered full collection of all 4 visited Singapore blood bank. (Left only the one in Central hospital ,Outram Park)

Woodland blood bank situated just behind the MRT station- 5th floor of Civic Center. And here you can visit the Woodland Regional Public Library as well ,which occupied Level 1 to 4, after your blood donation.
兀兰血库就在兀兰地铁站后面的Civic center 五楼。一楼至四楼还有兀兰区域图书馆,捐了血可以顺便去那儿看看,因为这图书馆真的超大间的。

The scene outside the Woodland blood bank is pretty impressive, overlooking the MRT station, which I rank it seconded to the one I last visited in Jurong East. But talking about convenience, here I find is more , as just below is the library and shopping mall.

Food are the same throughout all blood banks in Singapore.

I'm not sure if the donors here are lesser compared to the other branches,or it's just happened the time I visited was less crowded. It's the least donors among all the other 2 I went (time is all same weekend afternoon). But good thing about fewer crowd- spent only less than 5 min from registration to see doctor on duty to the donation chair.

The other time when I shared the photos over FB wall, a friend of mine who is a frequent donor, commented the blood bank facility is much better in Singapore. I hope able to verify why he said sometime later when I back to KL -hoping not getting too tired and prone to sickness after long travel journey, then I could see the condition myself.

仅以此文纪念陪伴一年的 @Vornix ,6月以后就不再存在。

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感觉你经常捐血啊 👍 上次参加跨文化征文是说捐完给了炸鸡券 :)

呵呵 就几个月捐一次咯,以前自己不了解捐血没捐,现在有去就多写些,给可能跟我一样不了解的朋友,了解后可以踏出第一步,毕竟新加坡大马都是大约2%人捐而已

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