3 Most Common Mistakes in a Street Fight

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In a street fight, there are some mistakes we usually make without realizing that. So if you are interested to know 3 most common mistakes in a street fight, please keep reading.

Your opponent is attacking and you're attacking at the same. You get hurt and your opponent might get hurt. If you two keep punching or kicking, the end result would be that good. You or both of you will get hurt pretty bad at the end.

Attack your opponent without having a strong defense. When you attack, remember that your opponent can counter-attack. When you have a strong defense, you can easily deal with your opponent attack. Otherwise, when you approach and make your move, you will get hurt due to not having a strong defense.

When you are attacked and you are stepping back to defend yourself. It does not always work. It is because your opponent can move forward and keep attacking you. Then how far you will move backward. That time you are too busy defending and stepping backward that you cannot think anything. Instead, move side, distract your opponent and counter-attack.

Every situation is different. So you have to decide what to do in that situation. It is not about being a hero. It is all about self defense and getting out of there alive. That's the mindset.

Martial art is only for self defense. We do not expect a situation where you have to use your self defense skills to deal with the situation. But the fact is, things are not under our control. Things happen and we have nothing to do. So, react to the situation as fast as you can. If you need to get out of there, do that fast. If you can call the police to take care of the situation, do that.

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Knowing how to protect physical integrity when threatened is a duty of each of us.

Thanks for your shareing of 3 mistake.The post was informational.But,I don't think it was helpfull to me cause I am not a street fighter...lol.

But, it was realy informational post.thanks for shareing.

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