Making Our Communities a better place

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What more could a community want than having good roads, pure water, improved hospitals and an healthy environment. But when we look around our various communities what do we see? Bad roads, choked gutters, bad water and littered environment are what we see in our communities today. And it’s high time we wake from some acts we do.


It is so hearting at time when you see beautiful females and handsome males dress out in clean clothing with all the glittering looks, but you visit their various homes and notice they don’t even keep their rooms cleaned up. They live their rooms dirty and unclean but always keep looking good when they are outside.

Our communities depend on you and I, to make them a better place to live. We sit up in our various homes sweep and dump our litters into gutters, and streets waiting on flowing water or wind to carry them away. We always forget that that very act we do will cause us a lot when it should rain. Our various communities become flooded because of the very actions we take and later call on the government to keep us safe from the very floods we caused ourselves.

If there is one thing we are to know, we must first stop dumping litters and wastes in gutters because the president of the country is not the very person that suffers when our environment is been flooded but us. We are and will always be the ones that suffer from our action. What more can the government do when he has already provided our communities with waste containers that are been taken to the waste dumps each day.

We keep on complaining that we have bad water in our various communities, when we are the same people that pollute our water bodies. We fish with poisonous chemicals, wash and feed our animals in the same water bodies that are our only source of living and later blame the government for not performing his duties well.

We must change our various bad habits and behaviours if we want to have a better place to live in as a community. Because we are and will be the same people that suffer for our actions.

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