Steem-Engine Tribes Great Competetion And Useful Projects

in creativecoin •  last year 

Till now we have about more than 10 steem tribes
which is greatly amazing

If you use a platform which support 10 tags
you can now earn more than 10 crypto tokens
This is really a revolution

I wish if we have a large campaigns of #ads to show the outside community
What we have achieved

Also there are a gradual increase in the value and the price of most tokens ,
Personally I do not have enough liquid money to invest in all
But I choose till now #steemleo #actnearn #stem

And I intend to buy more and more

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yeah all are tribes great and worthy to use...

Lot of them are my new favourites this is cool

this is not an appropriate use of the creativecoin tag

Hi @totyahmed, can I add +1 to that list! We're the BattleGames tribe [ &], steems most active community of gamers!

We definitely share your enthusiasm for the new communities, giving more ways for content creators to earn truly is revolutionary! We've got nearly 40k SPT staked to reward creators here on, game on 💪