New coins of Steemengine 20190901 SAGO MB and NEWSTEEM

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On the Steemengine platform, there are new tokens issued every day. The information is wealth. Anyone who have the latest information can walk in front of most people. My steemit account will release the latest token information every day, so that you can take the lead in the next step!

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As of today, the steem-engin platform has a total of 516 coins. Today there are two new currencies, they are MB



MB @mysterybox

Issue date:20190901;


Token Name:Mystery Box;

Market Cap:1688;



24h Vol:0.167;



Website :-;



NEWSTEEM @themarkymark

Issue date:20190901;


Token Name:newsteem;

Market Cap:--;



24h Vol:--;



Website :-;



But what I am going to introduce today is another coin, that is SAGO.@sagoda

Sago first appeared on the steem-engine platform at 20190808, and now it has been more than 20 days since August 8. Perhaps they are well prepared. They officially took their coins to steem-engine for sale today.The achievements of the Korean community on steemit are obvious to all. The several currencies they issued on the steem-engine are very good, such as jjm, sct, etc. It is believed that SAGO, which has been planned for one month, will also perform well. As a new coin just launched, I feel that the price is a bit high. They have already announced 17 Curators

@ehdgns0324 @oliver305 @rbdud8372 @masterha @pjdethklok @gks3150 @ruddms0988 @dlfgh4523 @vichyeok0812@pirzemaker @yjbrother7 @seokho965 @east-sea @dongwon96 @sagago @gahe2s @dnjseo02.Curators have each rented 10,000 SAGOs, and curator duration is six months.


There are some details about the new coin SAGO!

Issue date:20190808;


Token Name:Sago;

Market Cap:167463;



24h Vol:502.34;



Website :;



Notice about SAGODA Reward System

We open SAGODA platform on August 31, 2019 at 18:00 KST.

The main tag is sago, and the site link is:
Starting now, you can buy sago as a steemp on a steam engine. You can also buy as a steem and a sct. Please refer to the sales notice for details.

In addition, we have incinerated author rewards, staking rewards, mining rewards, development funds, and Beneficherry that have been issued as of today.

@Kiwifi, who provided you with the SAGODA logo, will send 500 SAGOs within 24 hours.

In addition, we announce SAGODA curator.
Curators have each rented 10,000 SAGOs, and curator duration is six months.


Start selling SAGO / SAGOM tokens.

The sale of the token SAGO to be used on the new nitros site SAGODA begins.

For more information about SAGODA and token distribution, please refer to the existing post on your @sagoda account.

Token Name: SAGO


1 sago = 1 steemp

-1 sago = 0.5 sct (If you send a sct to your sagoda account, we will send you 2 times sago. We will send you a steem remittance determined for sago purchase for 48 hours after the end of sale notice. )

-1 sago = 1 steem (If you send steem to your sagoda account, we will send you the same amount of sago. We will return the steem remittance determined for sago purchase for 48 hours after the end of sale notice. )

Sales Quantity: 300,000 SAGO

-50,000 sago operators bought (sagoda account 48,700steem, 650sct)

-Completed sales of 100,000 sago at 50,000 sct

Selling method: Selling and direct selling using steam engine exchange

Date of Sale: August 31, 2019 ~ 18:00

Token Name: SAGOM

Price: Undecided

Sell ​​Quantity: 1,000,000 SAGOM

Selling Method: Selling using Steam Engine Exchange

Date of Sale: Oct. 31, 2019

SAGOM airdrops

1 SAGOM airdrop per 100 SAGO staked quantity after each user's snapshot of the staked quantity on September 7th randomly (this applies only to sales volume 300,000 SAGO and article rewards, not to production accounts).

It will be done in 100 units and will be discarded after the decimal point (12 SAGOM airdrops for 1221 SAGO staking) Also, SAGOM tokens will not be sold for about two months after the airdrop.

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