New coins of Steemengine 20190907:ORGANDUOM AND MSCOIN

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On the Steemengine platform, there are new tokens issued every day. The information is wealth. Anyone who have the latest information can walk in front of most people. My steemit account will release the latest token information every day, so that you can take the lead in the next step!

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As of today, the steem-engin platform has a total of 529 coins. Today there are two new currencies, They are ORGANDUOM AND MSCOIN.



Issue date:20190907;


Token Name:ORGANDUO Miner;

Market Cap:1356;



24h Vol:29.5;



Website :;

Description:ORGANDUO Miner mines ORGANDUO coins with ratio 1:2. It means, you will receive 2 ORGANDUO in your wallet for every ORGANDUOM you hold every day.

Now you can mine ORGANDUO coins - Introducing ORGANDUOM!




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