Captain Bitcoin: You need to check this

in crypto •  3 years ago 


I did came across this particular project called Captain Bitcoin this afternoon and I think I really buy into their idea ( including their aim and mission of putting up an interesting project like this.

As we all know, am sure most people will agree with me that MASS ADOPTION is what most people is fighting for in the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain at large and I really think the doings of this new project I find about will go along way to foster that mass adoption.

Hey, I just discovered Captain Bitcoin, they are focused on driving bitcoin and crypto adoption by $1,000 in Bitcoin daily giveaways to their users simply for watching two minimum of videos on their platform. Additionally to kick off, they are doing a $15,000 BTC giveaway, and early sign up bonus in their native tokens. Sign up now -

#wafrica #marlians #bitcoin

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