Watching Crypto 062719

in cryptocurrency •  last year  (Edited)


Bitcoin seemed unstoppable. Today, it reached a new peak since more than a year ago as it crossed $13k. It might even go higher as others are predicting.

Despite the huge surge of Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies are struggling except Ethereum which went up today. But its price isn't close to its peak price. EOS struggled as it went down to $6.77, as it was over $7 yesterday.

Steem has been stagnant as it stayed at its price, and unable to go up along with Bitcoin. SBD has been hanging at $1. HUNT Token is performing well as it went up 15% today.

HyperSpace (AMP) dropped today after it went close to $0.02 yesterday. ONG is also stuck at $0.013. Bela which went up to $0.03 yesterday, dropped to $0.23 today. That's a huge loss actually. Mithril had a huge drop as well. I was happy to see Bitshares still at stable price.

Screenshots from @coingecko.

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