Watching Crypto 070119

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Cryptocurrencies are in bearish mode today. Bitcoin which rose to higher levels recently, dropped below $11000 area today. Of course, altcoins followed. Ethereum just dropped below $300, while EOS is below $6.

It's quite frustrating because during Bitcoin's surge recently, majority of altcoins aren't able to experience a huge surge. But when Bitcoin plummets big time, altcoins plummets with substantial amounts too.

Steem has been struggling as it is at $0.35. SBD also fell below $1. HUNT Tokens experienced a huge drop as well of 13%, which is now at $0.008.

Mithril is also hanging at $0.041, HyperSpace (AMP) which went ahead of $0.019 recently is now at $0.014. While ONG had a slight drop which is now at $0.012.

Murmur Tokens which is going up and down, went up a bit today. Well, excited for the payouts later of last week's posts. Bela also climbed up to 10%, and it's at $0.019. Still, that's far from its peak a few days ago of $0.03.

Screenshots from @coingecko.

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