Watching Crypto 070319

in cryptocurrency •  last year 


Bitcoin is finally pushing back up after a huge drop recently. It finally crossed more than $11k, with more than 11% increase.

Ethereum is also getting close to $300 as it reached more than $290, while EOS is struggling to reach $6 again. Tron and Bitshares is still at a price that needs to go up after huge drop.

Steem is still struggling despite the recent positive announcements by the team, which includes the upcoming SMT. It is currently at $0.34. SBD also dropped today, and is yet to cross $1. HUNT Token is doing well as it is stable at $0.011. They had recently announced for the second exchange where HUNT would be listed.

HyperSpace did well today with 6% hike, as well as the 10% surge from Mithril Token. ONG is yet to recover.

Murmur Token had a huge surge of more than 100%, while Bela did well with 26% increase.

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