Steemleo's Crypto Fantasy League Week 1 Winners

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Week 1 of the Crypto Fantasy League is now over! We had almost 20 competing portfolios and we have 3 final winners!

This past week in crypto has been an absolute bloodbath for many of the top coins and so, the average portfolio performance in CFL wasn't too hot.

In fact, the crypto market was so deep in the red that not a single portfolio finished the game with a positive ROI.

@rollandthomas came in first place with 0.010% ROI and earned 40% of the total LEO prize pool.

@yonnathang got second place with -0.060% ROI and earned 25% of the total LEO prize pool.

@ericet took third with a -0.236% ROI and earned 15% of the total LEO prize pool.

15% of the total LEO prize pool was also sent to @null and burned!




Week 2 of Crypto Fantasy League Has Just Begun!

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Not the greatest return, but feels good to get the first "W" of the League...and hopefully many more moving forward.

Thank you

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