Steemleo's Crypto Fantasy League Week 2 Winners!

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Week 2 of the Crypto Fantasy League is now over! We started with 14 competing portfolios and we have 3 final winners!

This week in crypto has been a little less brutal than the week prior.

In week 1 of CFL, everyone was deep in the red and winning just meant trying to stay afloat.

In week 2, we've seen a much bigger gap in the profit and losses of competitors. Here are our 3 winners:

@gerber came in first place with 5.825% ROI and earned 40% of the total LEO prize pool.

@erarium got second place with 3.551% ROI and earned 25% of the total LEO prize pool.

@mermaidvampire took third with a 3.104% ROI and earned 15% of the total LEO prize pool.

15% of the total LEO prize pool was also sent to @null and burned!




Week 3 of Crypto Fantasy League Has Just Begun!

Head over to the Steemleo Discord Server to join Week 3 of Crypto Fantasy League and compete to earn LEO tokens.

If you don't know what crypto fantasy league is (or how it works), just head over to the discord server and ask any of us and we'll help you out.



All of our LEO author/curation rewards from this post (and any others) are burned from the circulating supply of LEO tokens.

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Well done to the winners. Thanks @steem.leo for not including the screenshot of the bottom of the list... lol.

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