Steemleo's Crypto Fantasy League Week 4 Winners

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Week 4 of the Crypto Fantasy League is now over!

It's been a wild ride over the past week. Not so much for crypto prices, but more so for the Steem blockchain and everything we've had going on with not 1 but 2 hardforks!

Well, #newsteem is officially upon us and we have even seen a little price spike in STEEM!

It's always great to wake up to some positive price action for a change.

We had a close competition this week, but ultimately @karmadorje pulled ahead and wrecked the game. He's won CFL a few times now, so it may be a good idea to hit him up for some tips on how to craft a winning portfolio!

Week 4 Winners:

  1. @karmadorje came in first place with 8.312% ROI and earned 40% of the total LEO prize pool.
  2. @rollandthomas got second place with 5.395% ROI and earned 25% of the total LEO prize pool.
  3. @khaleelkazi took third with a 4.135% ROI and earned 15% of the total LEO prize pool.

15% of the total LEO prize pool was also sent to @null and burned!

Screen Shot 20190905 at 1.57.56 PM.png



Week 5 of Crypto Fantasy League Has Just Begun!

Head over to the Steemleo Discord Server to join Week 5 of Crypto Fantasy League and compete to earn LEO!

If you need any help in getting started, just tag @gerber or @khaleelkazi in discord and we'll help you out.



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That's my friend @karmadorje. We have trained and shared a lot of trading data.

Congratulations my friend!

It felt good to take home the silver this past week.

I'm sure you will, my friend. Congratulations!

Nice @rollandthomas! You're crushing it. Can you take home the gold in week 5!?

hahaha nice! You both will be some fierce competition!


I thought I was going to be the last place but end up with #4~

yeah the game can be quite unpredictable! That's what makes it so fun. The competition aint over till the fat lady sings (a.k.a. steem.leo makes the official winners post) ;)