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I just bought 150 CTPM, the miner for CTP Token

So I received an airdrop for CTP Token recently. I say recently, because frankly airdrops are starting to happen so frequently, I have no clue when they happen anymore.

And at first I looked at the name, briefly looked at the intro, and blah blah, was tempted to go dump some free tokens for what we all do care about.... STEEM. (btw, it might help to write in the token description that ClickTrackProfit.com has 204,886 members - it catches the eyes at least, even if I'm sure only a small fraction of those are actually active.)

Anyways, the more I dug into this, I started to believe that this project could be very important for STEEM. More than anything else it targets a niche & (apparently distressed) audience that could stand to benefit great from the use of STEEM.

In the end, I'm not quite sure what threw me over to support this group but the conviction of Jon G. Olson @jongolson greatly helped in his post found here:


I will tell you this much - the one thing that is becoming increasingly difficult is to be active in all these communities. I am a strong advocate for the need of more mining tokens here on STEEM, as it allows for passive support and long-term investment into commmunities without feeling an internal pressure to participate in it out of fear of losing value due to token inflation. In essence, miners are a triple win - they help lock up STEEM, they help support a project, and they help the investor who's already pressed for time and resources.

Long-winded roundabout thing to say, but I love that CTP had miners. Its project sounds promising and I love the niche it's focused on. Above all, I love the following:

Affiliate marketing is yet another amazing way to help drive real-world business communities into STEEM useage.

This was probably the most important point for me. Because STEEM needs the business world in order to continuously feed into its capacity to provide real-world use cases. Business helps to do just this, and it also provides an angle to bring in actual revenue streams.

So beyond a mere investment..... I just felt as a Steemian it was my civic duty to help support this project. Keep up the good work, @jongolson . And please don't make me eat crow here, by making www.ctptalk.com an absolutely awesome place to help fulfill your objectives. (btw it would probably help to at least link www.clicktrackprofit.com to your nitrous site) Thanks!

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Thank you so much for the support. I really appreciate the kind words :)

Yeah there is a 'slimey' way to do affiliate marketing, and then in our opinion....The right way. That's through building relationships long term and helping people build brands and networks.

The only agenda we have is to...Yeah of course...Feed our families :) But also the bring this group of eager and active communities members...To Steem.

It's the perfect fit for them...They can grow and learn, while taking part in building their blog and being exposed to everything Steem can offer them.

Thanks for the tips too...My partner is literally teaching himself blockchain 'tech' as we go. So we will add CTP to the condenser for sure. He is fascinated by it all, so we will be making sure that front end is updated and improved consistently :)


@videosteemit, The Airdrop was for limited people or how it was. But whatever it is, niche based project brings value for sure.

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@chireerocks that i am aware of, the airdrop is being expanded based on how the prior one went. I believe the project owner is trying to protect its value.

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Good to know that. Steps which bring true value to the project should be priority. Enjoy your time ahead.

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Hi, random walk through MAPX lane - sent you some free TULIPs.
Enjoy the game!

Thanks! No idea what that is, but cool

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Well done @videosteemit, miner tokens are great, and in my opinion CTP will really start getting traction quite soon, affilitates tend to move in on the new things rather quickly, just needs someone to lead the way, and Jon is a great leader.