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Hi Steemit Friends,

When this opportunity came by, I didn't think it was a hard job. Just vote for someone you like or a topic you read normally and vote. Apparently curation is pretty interesting. I have read up some posts about this since I was nominated by @travelgirl and also chatting with her got me interested at how this all works. Mind you she doesn't know how to calculate the scoring as well. She told me to just vote on a post you think deserves a boost. She has been a curator with OCD and other projects so I took her advice.

Then I read on various posts on Steemit about voting before 5 minutes and this got a bit too confusing. How can these people know they are voting for something that is worthy without reading it? I find it a bit difficult and probably won't fit my style of voting. So I checked the history on the Tipu upvotes and not judging anyone, some people just vote on posts with a picture with a few lines.

I thought this was an exercise to help find good authors or is it just vote for the sake of voting? I am just starting out and probably won't be voting actively like some curators. I probably observe and see what others are doing but I would just vote those who are worthy for a vote. Those who actually put in somewhat some effort and not a one liner or a picture.

I will review my results in 1 week.



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