The Daily Leo #31 | Is a Recession Imminent? 50/50 Staked/Liquid Rewards, Claiming Rewards and a Few Rambles While Walking a Dog

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50/50 staked and liquid rewards are a hot topic in the past 24 hours.

A new scotbot setting was released that allows tribes to modify how rewards are paid out --> allowing tribe owners to decide if they want to distribute new stake in a variance of powered up stake and liquid currency.

A lot of people have been asking in Discord and elsewhere if Steemleo plans on making the LEO token distribution 50/50 (or some variance of staked and liquid).

As of right now, we don't have any plans to change this. We have a few different reasons why but the main one is this:

We are trying to attract users from outside of the Steem blockchain (see our Syndication strategy). Our goal is to find new content creators and bring them onboard Steemleo/Steem and we feel that liquid rewards are far more enticing and "sensible" compared to paying them out in staked + liquid rewards.

Just think about it like this: when a YouTuber earns whatever they earn from ads on their videos, does YouTube tell them that they have to keep that money in some sort of "vested" state so that they can't withdraw it all at once?

Also, you can see what @threespeak has been doing with the @likwid service --> they are automatically adding the service to all videos that are uploaded because content creators from other platforms are more accustomed to the idea of getting paid out in liquid rewards and then deciding for themselves what to do with that money.

Anyways, I won't go too far into detail here. We may release a post/poll soon to see what the community thinks of changing LEO to 50/50, but as of right now, we have no plans to do so and won't make the change without first asking the community.

For now, enjoy today's daily LEO!



Incoming recession and Stock Market crash?

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Rewards splits 50/50 on many tribes like NEOXIAN, STEEMACE, PALNET

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You may have noticed that your rewards on certain tribe tokens have begun to be paid out as 50/50 (staked and liquid) rather than 100% liquid like it was before. There's a new scotbot setting that enables this change. @atnazo evaluates a few tribes that have turned this setting on.



[ENG] How long does it takes to claim and stake 5 different tokens on Steem Engine? // [ITA] Quanto tempo è necessario per il claim e lo stake di 5 token differenti su Steem Engine?](
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Dog walk diaries: Anniversary adventureless

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p.s. the comments are gold as well.



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Don't change the payouts.

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Love the daily Leo and the futured posts. Great job!

Keep up the great work


Great approach, no need to rush anything.

I'm happy with keeping it liquid. Looks like most LEO's get staked anyway - I know mine do - but liquid gives options.

Always appreciate being featured in this curation post, it means alot to me.

Thanks for mention my post.
I think is good now to wait some time to hear the voice of people here :)
I don't know yet that the changes with the rewards can be reversible after apply this to tribe, but I think it as possible.
I will stay with liquid leo for now. For me is more easy to transfer my liquid rewards to my second leo account, where I throw votes only on steemleo tag.

It's hard knowing what payouts to use or not to use because this is all new, we have no idea how to tweak the system in order to have the majority of people happy... the best thing to keep in mind is that " We can't please everyone"

I agree. Keep the payouts in LEO. Let the individual decide how to deploy them.

I agree 100, however some in our community have asked as well. At most we may put it up for vote in the future. Imo, giving the user a choice what to do with their (own) rewards is liberating and not doing so is against my general view of what crypto is for: to empower, not force actions.

Cheers !BEER

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Thanks! I'm honored to be mentioned in "The Daily LEO"!