The Daily Leo #32 | Update to Steemleo Interface + Stats + Claiming Tokens + Buffet Losing Money? + Approaching HF21

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You may have noticed an update to the wallet page on If you head over to your wallet, you'll see not only your LEO balances, but you also see your STEEM+SP balances and ALL of your SE tokens (similar to Steempeak).

What's even cooler than that?

See how some of the tokens are highlighted in orange? Click on those and it will claim your pending SE rewards of that particular token! Head over to the site and check it out!

Screen Shot 20190819 at 9.14.30 AM.png



Steemleo Weekly Stats 08/12/19 to 08/18/2019

Official @leo.stats Report, Created by @dalz
3 Minute Read | 575 Words



Steem-engine tokens claiming made easy (Reclamar fichas de steem-engine es más fácil)

3 Minute Read | 404 Words

You may have noticed a recent addition to the wallet page on scot front-ends such as You can now not only see your STEEM balance, but you can also see ALL of your token balances AND you can claim them with 1 click. Check out @eprolific's latest post about it!



Buffett Is About To Lose A Boat Load Of Money

3 Minute Read | 553 Words

@rollandthomas talks about the current state of the traditional markets and Buffet's exposure to them. Is the Oracle of Omaha set to lose a boat load of money in the coming years as markets take a turn for the worse? Read on to find out.



HF21: Just wait and see

6 Minute Read | 1094 Words

@tarazkp offers a great approach to the upcoming Hard Fork on the Steem blockchain. There is no point in fighting the inevitable and we all need to chill out a bit and see how this whole thing plays out. Is it all upside from this point? Read on to learn more about HF21 and how to approach it.



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Excellent update with the other token balances and being able to claim them👍

Posted using Partiko Android

Pretty cool stuff, right? Saves a bunch of time! Now we just need a claim all button ;)

Right on!

I am so glad for the successful launch of this tribe and even more encouraged at the continued development. Pioneering the evolution of a tribe on limited funds will be setting the example to others and fuel not only financial info on the blockchain, but future tokens and interface progression.

Thanks for doing what you do and enabling me to reward the financial posters here!!

Posted using Partiko iOS

Thanks for all your support @zekepickleman! It means a lot and we'll continue building the best community we can. Whatever it takes, we'll build the best financial community the world has ever seen 🧡

Thanks for the mention, amazing update i must say

Of course! You made an awesome post and I actually didn't even know that you could click to claim until I read it lol. I was pleasantly surprised!

Cool ! thanks for the update, going to check it out now! 👍💯😎
EDIT: Great job @steem.leo / @khaleelkazi I LOVE IT!!

Pretty sweet stuff, huh? I love being able to do all of my activities through Steemleo. Now we just need an exchange integration on their ;)