The Daily Leo #33 | Steem Maximalism At Its Finest: Interview with TheyCallMeDan, Earning SP Through Splinterlands, CLF Short-Squeeze and CTP Token Madness

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There's been so much talk of STEEM over the past few days as we gear up for the coming Hard Fork 21.

I think a lot of people are nervous to see what happens to their favorite neighborhood blockchain, but as @tarazkp said in the post we featured yesterday: we all just gotta wait and see.

Outside of that, there isn't much we can do other than adapt to the changes and keep doing what we do best and what we love the most.

Recently there have been a ton of great posts talking about Steem and why it's still an amazing opportunity. Despite these prices AND because of these prices at the same time.

So the theme of today's daily leo is pretty much Steem Maximalism. Who doesn't love a little of that every once in a while 😉



Interview with Dan Hensley '@theycallmedan' - Crypto/STEEM investor and co-founder of 3speak.

Threespeak Interview

Screen Shot 20190820 at 8.40.17 AM.png

@exyle interviews the great Steem advocate and entrepreneur, Dan Hensley a.k.a. @theycallmedan. They cover a lot of great topics here including, of course, the future of Steem through Dan's eyes.



Why STEEM Is A Better Buy Than You Might Think

8 Minute Read | 1477 Words

Is Steem a great opportunity at these levels? Should we take a deeper look and consider expanding our interest in the blockchain of opportunity? Read @glenalbrethsen's latest post to see how he's approaching STEEM as an investment at these low prices.



Time To Get Some Steem Power via Splinterlands

3 Minute Read | 571 Words

Is the theme of today's daily LEO becoming clearer? @flauwy talks about the insane opportunity of STEEM at these levels and how he's leveraging Splinterlands to grow his STEEM POWER while we're in one of the easiest times to earn STEEM!



Cleveland-Cliffs Inc. (CLF) - The Making Of A Short Squeeze

3 Minute Read | 480 Words

@videosteemit talks about a possible short squeeze on CLF and also teaches us something new about himself --> he used to write for Seeking Alpha! That's cool to know :)



Crypto Mondays - CTP Token Explodes!

D.Tube Video

In another edition of @jongolson's crypto monday, he talks CTP and how the price has recently 🚀 toward the moon! Check it out!



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Reviews are very perfect ,,, a new platform appears under the steem is an indirect burning of steem. Steem will come in the next few years. This is a certainty ...

The number one thing I don't like about Steem is all the talk about Steem. It's like a cult. Hopefully it slows down after the fork.

Looking at the projects coming up on steemit, steem will soon recover

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Nice one @steem.leo, with all the reviews on this platform, soon the sky will be our starting point