The Daily Leo #36 | Hope In Sight, BTC Dominance, Steem for Investors & Earning Big Macs With Steem Posts

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The Steemleo Show #5 | The Impact of Onboarding Users to Steemleo One at a Time

Official Steemleo Podcast

In the latest Steemleo podcast, I talked about onboarding new users and how the momentum of onboarding just 1 user at a time can snowball into something massive.

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Follow Friday: Hope in sight?

4 Minute Read | 671 Words

In @steevc's latest edition of Follow Friday, he discusses the upcoming changes with HF21 and how it may impact the future of Steem. If we want to see Steem realize the potential that we all believe in, then we need to see some major changes to the economic incentives of the ecosystem.

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BTC's Dominance Is Wrong!

3 Minute Read | 540 Words

@teutonium talks BTC dominance and shares a report that claims BTC dominance is more likely around 90% than the currently reported 70% statistic. Are Altcoins doomed to fail or is it simply too soon to tell?

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Steem for Investors August 2019

9 Minute Read | 1697 Words

In his monthly report, @dalz talks about Steem for investors. What can an investor expect when looking into the Steem blockchain? Is Steem the greatest startup in the world? Read on to see how @dalz approaches investing on the Steem blockchain.

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How much is your influence worth?

2 Minute Read | 216 Words

@themarkymark digs up a tool that the @steemhunt team recently released on their Reviewhunt platform that analyzes your Steem profile (and other social profiles) and estimates how much you earn per post. It also spits out the figure in terms of how many Big Macs you could buy with each post.

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Thanks for the mention. It will be interesting to see where Steem goes next. I think the tokens have a part to play. I am also eager to see communities.

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Thanks for the mention!

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