The Daily Leo #38 | Return of The Daily Leo - Tokenization, Steem Adoption, Dollar-Cost Averaging and The Path to a Global Recession

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Hey everybody! Welcome to the first Daily Leo since HF21 (and HF22). I decided to take a short intermission as the dust settled from the hardforks. I also moved on the day of HF21, so that was fun. A lot has been going on.

Anyways, we are finally back in full swing and I'm excited to get back to the Daily Leo and reward the best #steemleo content. As a reminder, The Daily Leo is a newsletter that goes out Monday through Friday each week and features some of the top posts of the day which are hand-curated from #steemleo.

The effects of the EIP seem to be truly amazing. You know something went right when you see voting bots manually curating ;)

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LeoTube Video

@taskmaster4450 talks about tokenization and the profound impact of cryptocurrencies on the lives of the masses. Crypto is bringing about an entirely new world of possibilities for doing the things we love and earning a "paycheck" for our passions.

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Another day, another Steem

7 Minute Read | 1347 Words

@tarazkp talks about the key factors of Steem adoption. One of the main discussions is related to the reason why people are driven away from the blockchain. It has a lot to do with the negativity that can be spread here and the lack of key influencers touting our blockchain to the rest of the world.

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Future of cryptocurrency: war of utility tokens. How can Steem win the war which has lost current battles (i.e. low ranking).

4 Minute Read | 780 Words

The real war for crypto use cases lies in utility tokens. @dtrade talks about the need for real-world adoption via applications and utilities for various cryptocurrencies, especially STEEM.

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Dollar Cost Averaging On Steem-Engine

5 Minute Read | 989 Words

@jongolson discusses the importance of dollar cost averaging, even on the Steem blockchain in the form of SE tokens.

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Another Global Recession Warning Shipping Shutdown

LeoTube Video

Are we headed down a dangerous path for a global recession? @nealmcspadden gives us his take on the market and the volatile signs that are starting to poke their heads out of the sand.

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