The Daily Leo #39 | Resounding Effects, Weekly Stats, Curating in #Newsteem, Steem News, PAL Report

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The EIP has radically changed the Steem blockchain. Not to beat a dead horse, but newsteem is in full effect and we are seeing the changes have a rippling impact across the blockchain.

There is a clear shift in attitude toward many activities here on Steem. Burning STEEM has become a topic of conversation once again and we are even seeing bid-bots out there curating content.

This is all a big deal for Steem. The waters are getting cleared up and we are seeing some of the best times to be a Steemian coming around once again.

Will the price change to reflect all of this positivity? Only time will tell!

For now, enjoy this Monday edition of The Daily Leo!

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Steemleo Weekly Stats 09/02/19 to 09/08/2019

@leo.stats by @dalz
Official SteemLeo Stats Report

We missed last week's stats report because of the issues with HF21/22. We are finally back and ready to show some improvements in SteemLeo activity! Slow and steady growth wins the race.

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Vlog 441: When you have a lot of Steempower, curating makes sense.


Exyle is back with another vlog! Many of us have grown accustomed to seeing Exyle posting several times a day. If I'm completely honest, I miss it a bit. At least we still get a vlog every now and then! This is Exyle in #newsteem!

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The Steem News @ 8 September 2019

4 Minute Read | 702 Words

Having @pennsif's Steem News back is amazing! It makes it so easy to keep up with the latest happenings on the Steem blockchain. So much is always going on around us and being able to read up on Steem-specific news in a concise way is a huge time-saver!

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Curation, the game changer! Want a higher steem price? Then do your part.

4 Minute Read | 693 Words

@mindtrap talks about curation and how the Steem game has changed radically. If each of us do our part, then we can see a bump in the STEEM price to accompany all the amazing effects of the EIP!

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Palcoin numbers & charts

1 Minute Read | 147 Words

@gerber is back with a PalCoin report on all the latest statistics. Liquidity, distribution and price analysis are all included in his report, check it out!

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