The Daily Leo #40 | NASDAQ Adds DEFI Index, Neoxian Update, Trading Journal, Steem Heating Up and Using Steemworld

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Is the mainstream on the horizon?

Probably not. At least, not just yet.

Bitcoin is becoming a household name, but the background development hasn't yet put the infrastructure and user experience/interfaces into place that will allow for mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies.

The adoption of exchanges is a big leap forward in this department. All of these integrations will legitamize crypto in the eyes of the masses and that is an important step in the overall goal of mass adoption.

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Neoxian Has Been Updated For The Better

2 Minute Read | 253 Words

image.png has gotten a few updates to their rewards system. Read @bitcoinflood's latest post to see what's been changed in our fellow tribe community!

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Trading Journal Day 35 - Active Markets

7 Minute Read | 1395 Words

@josephsavage features day 35 of his trading journal. Among the trades are some closed positions and some talk of how he uses stop-loss orders.

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Intense Steem Weekend

4 Minute Read | 632 Words

@celestal talks about the latest happenings on Steem and why they are more bullish then

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My review of the application Steemworld: a very good application to manage all your tribes and your progress on Steemit.

7 Minute Read | 1241 Words

@shortsegments gives a detailed review of the tool and shows how it can be leveraged to greatly improve your Steem activities including tribes and Steem actions!

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These are good articles and the Steemworld article is very useful!

Oh, thanks for featuring me! I only noticed this because I saw in my wallet that I got beneficiary rewards, appreciate it! :D