The Daily Leo #41 | Crypto Adoption, Michael Burry, Potential Bitcoin Price Rebound, Amazon Digging Deeper into Blockchain and a Pantless Aggroed

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The adoption of crypto and blockchain technology is always at the top of my mind. The short-term price of crypto obviously matters to me since I'm so heavily invested in various projects and Bitcoin as well, but I still try to focus on the long-term outlook and adoption.

In order for this technology to be brought into the mainstream, a lot of infrastructure changes need to be put into place. Things like onboarding, educating and interfacing with this technology needs to get A LOT more user friendly.

One of the main reasons why I am so bullish on Steem is the usability of this blockchain.

I think a lot of people overlook the fact that Steem brings a certain "familiarity" to blockchain technology.

Sure, Steem has it's difficulties, but it is one of the best blockchains out there for educating people about blockchains. You can use Steem like you can use most other social media platforms, but then you can dig into the blockchain aspects of the platform and learn a lot of cool stuff.

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Crypto Adoption is Further Away Than You Think | The SteemLeo Show #6

The Official SteemLeo Podcast

In this episode of the podcast I talk about blockchain development and crypto adoption. We may be farther from adoption than you think, but that doesn't have to be a bad thing!

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Michael Burry Should Stick To Shorting Stocks

2 Minute Read | 353 Words

Michael Baum made an infamous short with credit default swaps on mortgage-backed securities before the 2008 housing crisis. Lately, he has been taking long positions in some contrarian companies. @rollandthomas analyzes his latest activities and wonders if Burry should stick to what worked back in 2008.

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Bitcoin - 9/11/19 - We are about to bounce!

1 Minute Read | 166 Words

Are we about to see a bounce in the price of BTC? @rpgbuilders analyzes the 4 hour chart and makes a case for going long.

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Amazon doubling down on blockchain technology

2 Minute Read | 258 Words

It seems that more and more large corporations are starting to adopt blockchain technology in some shape or form. @themarkymark describes the latest news on Amazon's "blockchain" database services that they are offering.

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Ripping off my pants and running through the streets: Steemit halts programmatic selling for one month!

1 Minute Read | 118 Words

In case you missed it, Steemit, Inc. announced yesterday that they are halting programmatic selling for 1 month! Witness and Steem business mastermind @aggroed has taken to running in the streets... sin pants!

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I must agree, I am not a coder or into IT at all, thus if it was not for Steem, I would never even have heard about blockchains and would not know much about crypto currencies at all, and would definitely not invest in cryptos, 'now, I have various currencies, all bought with my Steem, I earned here!!