Mega crocodile / 巨鳄

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Mega crocodile

Crocodile expert Lohan went to Hell Island with his girlfriend and others for scientific research two years ago, but was attacked by the crocodile group, and only he is live .
After two years, Luo Han was commissioned by the wealthy businessman Kong Mingzhu to go to an uninhabited island called "Hell Island" and want to rescue his younger brother Confucius.
Luo Han and the wealthy businessman Kong Mingzhu, as well as the mercenaries they hired, in the plane and jumped down.
They was attacked by vampires and cannibals, crocodiles and giant crocodiles in Hell Island.
Finally rescued Confucius.
During this period, it was discovered that the giant crocodiles produced in Hell Island were caused by animal experiments. The laboratory personnel have been killed for many years, and they also encountered laboratory investors who went to investigate.

Throughout the film, the core focus is on the interaction between Luo Han and Kong Mingzhu, with salvation as the focus.
It is only an understatement for crocodiles and giant crocodiles,
I which is considered a good plan.

the ending there is a bit bizarre,
the survivors are only that Luo Han, Kong Mingzhu, Confucius,
all supporting actors are dead.
this ending is a bit bizarre.

Movie URL

Critic: AAA





Movie URL

Critic: AAA

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