[DCLICK Update] Write a post about the game and get $5 reward!!

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Hello, Steemians.

I would like to introduce you to the core feature of this update: Game Review and Reward. You can write about your favorite games on DCLICK and get rewards from them.

Usually game developers need to obtain lots of posts to promote their games. To do that, they need the help of the writers. DCLICK wants to connect the game developers and writers. Then game developers can promote their games and reviewers can be rewarded for writing.

In particular, if the game developers get lots of reviews in various languages, their games can be easily promoted around the world.

[How to Use]

  1. Connect to https://www.dclick.io/monetize
  2. Select a game you like from the Monetize by Topic Post page.
  3. Please read Summary and Rule. And write a post after playing the game.
  4. Click the Apply button to enter the URL of your review.
  5. If the post is approved by the administrator, you will get reward.

In addition to this update, DCLICK will try various ways to help business owner promote their services. At the same time, we will continue to update various functions so that writers can earn a lot of money.

Thank you.

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oh, this will be good to select a beautiful game from you guys..