Do you know the Discord $claim command to claim all tokens together on Steem-Engine?

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Hello everyone, good morning everyone who uses the dear Steem-Engine and have more than one token, that is, virtually everyone !!

So a few days ago I was chatting on the Palnet channel on discord and one person commented on the "$claim" command.

With it, we can claim all our tokens on steem-engine at once. This saves us a lot of time, as putting our password on steem-connect several times takes a while. For those who want to recover about 8-10 tokens, like me, this command helps a lot.

Firstly, join Discord:

When we type $claim (our nick,whithout @) in the discord, the "banjo bot" appears and automatically commands us to go to the steemconnect website and get our tokens. It is totally safe as it is all done by steemconnect. Look:

In my case, i type "$claim julisavio" whithout "


Then, you will be send to steemconnect site and you will have to put your POSTING KEY to claim your tokens. REMEMBER THAT YOU HAVE TO DO THIS WHERE BANJO BOT IS PRESENT.


Remember, it ask for you POSTING KEY!!!!!

After that, you usually put the posting key and finish the command using steemconnect normally. After a short while, around 1 minute or so, all your tokens are already claimmed on steem-engine.

That's it guys, I hope you enjoyed this tip !!!!

Good morning everyone!!!

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Wow awesome system thanks deae for sharing with us.



Thank youuuuuuu!!!!!

I've been trying to work out a way to "claim all", and I've seen some other posts about it but it's all techno codes for programmers and... I'm not a programmer. Just a user. This is SO helpful! 😃

thats nice i could help you :D

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You alway give good information.Thats really nice