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Trump and his trade war is honestly becoming one of the most bullish things for crypto.

The more crap he puts the worlds nations through, the more people will awake to the idea that governments simply cant be trusted to secure a store of value...

Time to invest in a non-fiat option... gold? Bitcoin? STEEM? Why not all of the above.

The real impact, though, goes deeper as the announcement takes the trade dispute between the two countries to another level.

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This 10% tariff on the remaining $300B Chinese goods is really a currency war in disguise. Unfortunately, American consumers will be the one footing the bill. As this trade war drags on for years, both sides will come up with new tactics and strategies to reduce the economic impact. New agreements will be struck with other nations and new economic trading blocs will be formed globally. Nonetheless, whoever controls 5G and can proactively and successfully deploy it globally will reign at the end.

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