My Vlog Journey Day 46: Thoughts of the Day - Work because of PASSION or MONEY?

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How many of us actually WORK because of PASSION?
How many of us WORK because of the MONEY?

Hmm... How many of us live the LIFESTYLE we dream of?

What are you doing to make you living your dream lifestyle?

Making money online is doable... How to increase to be able to support our living especially for us with family and kids?

Do share with us you "SECRETS". Let's learn and grow together...






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I had been blessed most of my life working with something that I absolutely loved
But I also chose that over money
So sometimes even if the money is good, if my heart isn't in it... I move on

I too believe you can make money online
The initial stages will take time to build just like anything though

Hey, hopefully someone who has tried and tested and succeeded leaves a comment
I too want to know :D

Great question and yea, we gotta find ways to connect the two, work and passion. Yes yes yes.

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