SMT & Steem Price?

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i'm hoping that it will spike the price but then everyone is gonna dump soooooo..... dunno, i think this path we are on with new apps and bringing funds in is a good one. i have a lot of hope for steem but i do think we might end up with just 100 greedy piggy fat cats -- i.e, just the same as in real life -- hodl'ing power for what reason? gloating maybe? who knows... either way, last three years has been a journey! onwards for another three years in blockchain! :)

That’s a lot of faith considering how it’s atl in satoshi for steem, i guess just keep sone liquid steem aside in order to.... join the dump after the pump (if any) ^^

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Just note the date, we are gonna be rich!!!

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SMT's are not going to save steem

of course not but just as in march, price spiked because of that, not because it saved steem, but some thought it would, or some thought others thought it would, then pumped the price.

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Interesting observation. What is even more interesting is your accent. It alternates from Chinese to kinda British lol.

any advice i can fix my accent?

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Read out loud by imitating someone

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the release could influence in hype for sure, but what is actually influencing more in the low price of $ALTS is the fact that we are in high % of Bitcoin dominance and not a substantial amount of money in the total MC.

Hopefully SMT release will bring some FOMO into STEEM.

Yea hopefully. Everyday breaking all time low is hard to take

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