The pEOS Wallet is Here! (Private Transactions / Privacy Coin on EOS)

in eos •  3 years ago 

pEOS released their first idea of a privacy metawallet for the EOS Blockchain

Judging from the great video, I'm missing some absolute no-brainers

No Linux Build

Windows users have bigger problems than a private transaction...

No TOR connection by default

Something I'm expecting from scatter too... no idea why no one's implementing it


One of the best features of EOS are feeless TX... isn't there a better way to do it?


Of course, this is nothing bad, just keep in mind that it's not audited and probably not really secure.


If you're in need for privacy and anonymity, stay with the better options.

Use Wasabi for Bitcoin, and Monero for Monero. Or better use both, and add a great VPN to the mix.

Secure & Anonymous VPN - Uploadfilter? Censorship? No Thanks!

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