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Have a nice day my fellow Steemians!

It has been 14 months ago, but I never forgot the time @ediah forcely inviting me to joined #steemit. Actually, it was October 2017,she started inviting but December 2017,my registration accepted. I did nothing in the first place until January 2018 with my @deevi's account and I forgot the password. I did not recovered it. Then I started my latest account last February and it's me @olivia08 from the name of my youngest granddaughter.

Everytime I saw a reputation of above 50, it was really a mouth watering like how much I wish to have it but there was a big question hindered my thoughts, how? I kept going, though I am not a blogger, I just posted everyday a simpliest photography and blogged about food's recipes. I didn't know anything, what I knew that I earned that helped me financially. I am working as a housemaid in Saudi Arabia. It is not easy to divide my time between workloads and steeming. But I tried to double my efforts and wise on how to dealt it without my employer's disappointment. So, I asked permission and their approval that I am here in a Steem blockchain that need time do write and so on. What a big surprised, they allowed me as long as I have to do my job well.

Starting with 15sp,i kept on rolling. Thanked God, @surpassinggoogle delegated me with 50sp together with @mermaidvampire's 10sp delegation.Steemians helped me a lot and credit all my success now.

I am now a Minnow!

@cadawg brought me to a Redfish League that challenged my steemit life by Ma'am @paulag last January 31,with my 207steem power.
Time flies so fast, during my 4 months of powering up, my dreamed of having 500 Steem power had just happened yesterday. @cadawg, I graduated now and I credit this for you and Ma'am @paulag.
I never thought it could happened so fast to my account. CONGRATULATIONS TO MY BATCHMATE @steeminati @wpkwolfe @mustang88 @cali914 and @curatorcat.

My reputation is 60.13 today is another answered prayer.

I could not believed that I could able to surpassed my friends who were so great in steemit before. I am untalented Steemians, a frustrated to my life how many times but in steemit I considered this a big success to my small dreamed with a goal.

How I survived?

Without these people in the midst of low value of Steem, perhaps like most of my friends I am no longer here today,Yes, I won't forget the one who brought me here @ediah with @surpassinggoogle as well from the start of course. The most people who stayed by my side are @mermaidvampire @otom @mers @zephalexia @ankarlie @cadawg @jurich60 made my steemit life so light. THANK YOU FOR MENTORING ME!

I also would like to express my gratitude to all who help me grow every day.

@partiko with my points,


@dlike image

@MERMAIDVAMPIRE'S daily faucets
@melinda010100 for winning how many times
@qurator for choosing my post to win
@moncia90 for partiko lottery
@worldsdailyfood for daily win for 6mos.
@axeman who give me Consolation prizes
@atongis for delegation give away
@photochallenge by @gabeboy
@meetmysuperego contest
@flamingirl when I won 10 steem
@plantstoplanks for winning once to their contest
@dcontest for I won 2nd prize yesterday
@worldcapture sometimes I won
@portraitcontest I also won
@izaid contest
@blocktrade who sometimes sending upvotes.
@esteemapp @good-karma big upvotes

Those contest and challenge I was joined and made me grew so fast.

People that deserved appreciation and part of my steemit life, when interacting each other through comments.

@steemitachievers @long888 @g10a @lebron16 @kneelyrac @junebride

@steemitpowerupph admin and members @fycee @sarimanok @zephalexia

@sergiomendes in dtube
And many other steemians

To Sir @nathanmars for the huge delegation, it really help me from weekly lease payments for 6 months. God bless #seven77 family.



PLEASE visit, support and join the other contest of our fellow Steemians;

PROOF OF STEEM: A 5-in-1 Daily Game for Everyone in Steemit;
#GUESSTHECOLOR GAME Daily Splitter Contest; &

UP-GAGE CHALLENGE | Join and Get Rewarded w/ upvote+steem

@atongis for his delegation contest

@vdux for his haiku

@travelsbyblue for her worldsdailyfood photo contest.
@eii for his dailycolor challlenge

@izaid for his initiative gueesing the correct amount

Try to check the photography contest of our fellow steemians

@tobetada for his love the Clouds contest
@melinda010100 for Shadow Contest
@moncia90 for his Partiko lottery

Vote for witness









Thank you so much.

Loving you,
Nanay Deevi

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You are a great person @olivia08 . I enjoy reading your posts as you show all of us what a kind and thankful person you are. Somthing we all can learn from. Wish you a great day!

We must be grateful to what God given to us by chances. How I could imagine in my life to have a people like all of you!? Only here in steemit. Have a nice day, Chris.

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Thanks for the mention! Glad I could help you on your journey!

The other day I reached 2k SP!!!! I can't believe it, only a couple months ago I became a minnow. I must say it does get easier the higher you go!

I also like reputation collecting, I just reached 64REP today :)

Congratulations on your massive achievement, glad to have achieved with you!

~ @cadawg
Most Likely Not A Robot

Wow! How could I reach 2k in a couple of months? Jejejeje,, thank you my boy! Yes really its not easy, many things to dig and learn.

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hard work pays as they say and hat's off to you because you made it, in fact you no need somebody to mentor you, it's just that you believe in yourself and make all these things possible. keep it up we are so proud of you!

Wahahaha murag gi kusi akong heart. Anyway, thank you for all the support..

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nakusian na pod baya ko hahaha...

D matulog ug tarong, Mao na mka hb,

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That are some freaking awesome achievements. Congrats and keep it up with the great work 😊

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That's how I appreciated you, you support fellow Steemians and I remind you how great what you did with @cleanplanet in Barcelona, Salute you guys!

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We only can do our best 😊❤️

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Congratulations my friend. Can't give you full upvote as I still got a lot of other votes need to support. Keep it up, feel free to mention me in any comments if you find they need my support. Helping others is the easiest way to grow oneself. Once again, congratulations. Given you my humble 17.5% vote. Meaning 6 person less getting upvote from me today 😂😂😂

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No worries my friend, by commenting I'm soo happy enough deserve to be grateful to everyone.
Thank you so much, the time you gave me your idea, it hitted my ego and improved my way. That's how treasured it most @davidke20

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Congrats! Sis Deevii, you deserved it gyud! Kugihan kaayo ka...

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Para sa economiya sister l really need to push it up though sometimes it going down.

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I suggest your post for the upgaged by @zephalexia

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Thanks for this recommendation @cdaveboyles23

You're a good person and have a strongwill to do things you aim for.An inspiration to me...Congratulations nay deevi ..Godbless !!!

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Salamat @reginecruz Keep my appreciation all the time for you.

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Wow, that's a lot of token... you're rich!

No, I am not rich but we will be rich if we keep on going for steem. Keep up the good work in this blockchain.

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Congrats on all your well deserved achievements! Keep on Steemin!

Thanks a lot Ma'am @melinda010100

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Congrats !
Amazing Achievements ! ♥♩♬♬
Let's Together Keep On !
#steem ♨ On !
#seven77 with LOVE 💙 PASSION ! @olivia08

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But you are the best steemit buddy @bluengel. Thank you so much for your support

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Please get certified here:
I will like to reach you on there as well. Big congrats

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Thank you so much Sir @surpassinggoogle

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I invite @cdaveboyles23 to join @partiko

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you deserve all that nay ,so happy and proud of you! keep rockin'and rollin' ,steem on! 😘❤️

Your post has been recommended by @cdaveboyles23 for my up-gage challenge

Thank you @@@cdaveboyles23 @zephalexia

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Thank you so much @esteemapp

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Be sure to leave at least 50SP undelegated on your account.

Congratulations @olivia08.

Thank you @eii, you are part of my success. Your daily color challenge help me a lot tlne time I had no idea what I will be going to post. I will be back posting with it,promise!

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