Prestige (5-Minute Freewrite Challenge)

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She's dreaming to become successful.
Took an exam to attend the school.
That school was known of high prestige.
Every students ever dreamed of attending.
The pressure is inevitable.
She can't take it anymore
Until she suffered mental and emotional breakdown.
That was caused by extreme pressures by parents and schools.
They want their child to excel.
Of course, that's what everyone wants.
But have they thought about the effects on the person mentally and emotionally?
That's why many people cannot control themselves anymore.
They're giving up because of pressure.
It can affect a person.
It might cause anxiety disorders, depression, and other mental illness.
If the student fails, there's possibility of blame.
The student will begin to think she's a failure.
Success isn't measured by what you accomplished in the academics.
It isn't about attending the prestigious schools.
It's more of continue living.
Mental and emotional health should be considered when under schooling.


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Excellent analysis @iyanpol12, perhaps with so much pressure when it comes to studying, creativity is cut.