[CLOSED] ๐Ÿšช Roll for FREE & win STEEM! - You have to really suck to lose this one!

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Gotta ask yourself one question: "Do I feel lucky?" Well, do ya, punk?

You can win STEEM with the simple roll of the dice. Upvote this post to do so, and we'll find out!

I've rolled the dice, and I rolled:

Can you beat 4?
UpVote this post to play for free and find out.

The gamble is simple:

  • When you UpVote this post, you will automatically roll (when this post closes after a few hours).
  • If you roll higher than me, you win. If not, I blow your head off.

WHAT do you win?

  • 90% of the STEEM earned from this post is split evenly amongst all the winners that rolled higher than me.
  • 10% of the STEEM earned will go to fund @IncuBot
    • i.e. Even if you lose, you are helping both yourself (@IncuBot upvotes each game with more than the minimum) and the Steemit community in the long term
    • Feels Good To Know That, Right?

Please Note:

  • Neither @PlayDice's vote nor bots used to boost the reward pool are eligible for winnings. These upvotes only serve to increase your winnings.
  • You need to vote with at least 0.0007 (normally 0.01, but reduced due to the low price of STEEM) to be eligible for a roll.
  • Your winnings will be sent to you within 24 hours of Post Payout (actually as soon as @BraaiBoy gets to his PC and triggers the payout process).
  • I'm but a simple little bot, and there's not much that CAN go wrong,
    but in the event that my human was drinking when he coded me,
    and things go pear-shaped for any reason, then he reserves the right to call the game null and void.

Will you really blow my head off, if I lose?

Images: PxHere & Giphy

# Game Closed: Sep 28, 2019, 4:37 AM
These Folk Got Lucky This Time... Punks!
@chadmichaellibby @kiryck
@komischername @jiva34
@randomness @ashokcan143
@pixelfan @spiceboyz
@massivevibration @pixresteemer
@jiminykricket @bxlphabet
@honolulu @theassailant
@jlsplatts @joancabz
@craigcryptoking @rufusfirefly
@wonderwop @udow
@imisstheoldkanye @scosmos
@jibspark @tntdabomb
@blaogao @quailbreeder
@ericburgoyne @orhansarikaya
@reonlouw @manniman
@tsnaks @incubot
@squishy @eii
@enforcer48 @sparkesy43
@stormrobertson @qam2112
@lil-splatts @sivehead
@pileofsteem @viruk
@wallyt @anonyvoter
@brammdal @iven
@kuku-splatts @steemitcuration
@navorn @gaby-crb
@cwow2 @samsemilia7
@kryptonauta @thearned
@splatz-1 @splatz-2
@schachoberhessen @peter-bot
@splatz-3 @fitinfunfood
@afternoondrinks @aydie1000
@snorcity @onestopfacts
@mrtoking @schach
@ilanisnapshots @randomvoter
@alfatron777 @jaylordlobitana
@splatz-4 @s77assistant
These People Say Goodbye To Their Heads
@dricestudio @dotwin1981
@braaiboy @tillysfamilyfarm
@petertag @amigareaction
@baasdebeer @lammbock
@lord-of-fire @sidekicker
Sorry... Missed the min Upvote Value (0.0007) or excluded from winning
UsernameVote ValueUsernameVote Value
@anomaly0.0000 @bukiland0.0000
@jmehta0.0000 @robtheranger0.0005
@sam990.0000 @onartbali0.0003
@accelerator0.0026 @vibelita0.0001
@eyemon10.0000 @harlhana0.0003
@stmdev0.0000 @brandin300.0000
@andrewma0.0000 @mkucukbekmez0.0000
@abcor0.0000 @rufruf0.0002
@steeming-hot0.0000 @marcocasario0.0065
@slientstorm0.0000 @sonal-c0.0000
@steemitazhar0.0001 @sk5400.0000
@nav130.0000 @berdand0.0001
@ayla-jane0.0001 @tee110.0001
@ey54.ali0.0000 @kaldewei0.0002
@leysonrye0.0000 @i-c-e0.0003
@steemsoup0.0001 @artinlife0.0003
@dagga0.0001 @sashafotography0.0001
@nassimal0.0003 @coredump0.0000
@bigmoneyman0.0000 @idlejack0.0002
@justlee870.0000 @iven.acti0.0000
@daiyu0.0001 @astil.codex0.0000
@erixink0.0006 @filoq0.0000
@fale0.0001 @cn-sct0.0002
@cn-gg0.0000 @ilias.fragment0.0000
@archytas.replica0.0000 @tokengesture0.0000
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