Who is the owner of Binance's "101130147" wallet? (darthknight??blocktrades??alpha??)

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Hello, guys?

I read @ darthknight's post on hive yesterday

I was very curious about who he was. As a general idea, he should have asked Steem's witnesses for help. He never tried to contact STEEM witnesses. His first posting on the community was that he was preparing through the law.

This is how @bil.prag likened it to this event as below.

your credit card gets stolen (that is your mistake), funds from your credit card are being spend by a guy who stole it. you go to the bank to cancel your card, and they say, it was your mistake, you lost your card, we will not give you an option to cancel your card.
the mistake was his, but witnesses blocking his account are blocking him from fixing it. not to mention that they blocked the private funds only to be able to manipulate the market, no threat to steem blockchain. fund blocking was a market manipulation.
imagine your bank saying to you that you can't spend your money on your account because it will affect the economy?

What do you think of this? I answered as below.

Do you make a accusation to the bank? Or
Do you make a request to the bank?

What do you think is the general thought?
I thought maybe @darthknight could be someone's secondary account.


@darthknight had sent STEEM to a Binance account such as blocktrades and alpha.

Whose is Binance's wallet?

Whose Binance wallet did his get 2,148,017 STEEM?


Whose is Huobi's wallet? and Bittrex's wallet??

Why are their accounts connected?

I don't want to talk about HIVE, but is HIVE a new warehouse to replace STEEM sold to JS?
(Maybe) So far, Steem has been dominated invisiblely by a giant cartel.

This is the tip of the iceberg.

Do you think this was a really right society? right block chain?

Where did his huge funds come from?

It's fucking too many. Did anyone really unknow? Or is it on the same side?

Many accounts are being displayed repeatedly.

Who are they? Then, what is the HIVE they made?

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reasonable doubt

What a beautiful decentralized world !

스팀을 이렇게 만든 범죄 집단에 전모를 보는것 같습니다.
우두머리가 상상외의 인물로 보이네요.
설마 설마 했는데...

스티미언은 연대로 그를 상대로 소송이라도 해야겠습니다.
이렇게 되고 보니 저스틴 선이 구세주가 맞는것 같습니다.

I do not see why this information is relevant for @darthknight's cause. His funds were unrightfully frozen, and are being sent to a scam account which has been inactive for 4 years.
It does not matter who is behind that account, and how many accounts were used for storing their funds over the course of time.

와아... 정리 대박입니다!

이런 게 블록체인의 강점이죠. 기록이 다 남고 그 기록이 공개된다는 거.


This is some ozark level money laundering. Thank you for your investigation. Other people need to trace these wallets asap.

As stated, this circle laundering scheme gets even worse if you like reallllly dig deep. So far the statement being their hivetribe is decentralized. But yeah some people just believe everything. For some all hope is lost. I feel sorry for those who fell for their words, but yeah, not everybody has the same intelligence too so.

Please do tell more!

So he has few accounts - like me. What's the problem?

Few accounts that virtually controlled steem and now hive. If you migrated to hive because you thought justin was a dictator... well i dont know what to tell you.

How do they control Hive? Do they do the same thing as Jusing here, freezing user funds that they bought (not airdropped) and censoring users on blockchain level?

Go take a look at the wallets of the guys mentioned in this post, add them all up, and see how much stakes they control. Its nice to work under the false premise of equality and freedom while the closed circle that effectively controls the network wine and dine behind the curtains thanking the users for their services.

OK, but how do they control the stake? Do they censor things? Freeze multiple users accounts? Upvote and downvote for $300+? Choose all witnesses with vote from single account? And all those things because single person said so?

I dont know if you are asking real questions or being snarky, but i ll bite. Hive guys have a de facto control over the witnesses just like justin does here. They are just more subtle about it. It's "fine" because the system works but its not any more decentralized than steem.

그 토끼가 아까 그 토낀 토끼네유~!

정리 수고 많으셨어유~! 💙


항상 행복한 💙 오늘 보내셔용~^^
2020 스팀 ♨ 이제 좀 가쥐~! 힘차게~! 쭈욱~!

coffeea You need to own more COFFEEA (5 COFFEEA in your wallet allows you to send 1 TOKEN per day)

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I was expecting this comes from you.... Those accounts mentioned used the SAME memo to transfer Steem to Binance. So they are connected and very, very, very likely the same person.

connected and very, very, very likely the same person.

So? Why this is a bad thing?

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Cant teach flat earthers that the earth is round. Cant teach anti-vaxers that vaccines work. At the minimum this casts a reasonable doubt and something worth digging into.

Lol, right! Its reasonable doubt. To even go a little further, you could think that the whole recent event was organized and premeditated. If its the same person who orchestrated hardfork 22.3... Yeah... Before JS came in the picture, he was the one ruling the scepter. A ton of Steem bought in the days before the announcement on the 14th. I believe there was inside information about the acquisition and this fork was on the table before the public even knew about JS. Some just needed extra convincing and when JS tweeted about the possibility to atomic swap steem he had enough fuel to go through.

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Its about the deceptive nature of the act. Telling people you are ´new´ but clearly are not. Everybody with 6 braincells left can see its the same account. I understand you are blind for that fact, and you are likely not even the only one. Bless your souls though... Nobody stole anything, its still on the blockchain. Some restrictions one some accounts, the most have their withdrawal route to bittrex so they will get their funds.

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I pledge that I will never murder someone. Unless you hurt my kids or my family, obviously. In that case it would be justifiable homicide.
In other words, humans are in their right to defend themselves if can be proven the used force was necessary to repel the attack of the aggressor. In this case it is.
Why are you keep mentioning the witness statements when their FIRST priority is the secure the network and to protect us from outside attacks? I am proud the current stakeholders and witnesses kept their promise..

What is this 'Attack' that people keep talking about? Powerering down and moving funds elsewhere?

The blocktrades transaction history is not important. The important thing is that blocktredes and dartknight and alpha use the same wallet? Can you use the same wallet as me?

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Why are you so angry? Are you on the same side?
Fortunately, Korea is not dangerous to Corona, unfortunately it seems difficult for your wishes to come true.

Shall I find out about you next time? You're living too multiple lives, make sure you go to a nearby hospital. poor

I thought you dropped out of the primary? Stay safe - old boomers like you have a higher chance of catching corona and dying from it.

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