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well we don't know did he tried to contact anyone. witnesses are playing dead about the soft fork, so maybe they are playing dead for this too? you see they are claiming it is not their fault.

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Its not their fault that he entered the wrong address. Would have been great if he had reached out to the witnesses directly in a soft tone (multiple venues to get there). And maybe offer a carrot - will help talk to the hive witnesses about your airdrop. Quid pro quo anyone?

here is an example for current situation, tell me what you think. governments around the world plan to help people because this corona situation. you have a government that decides to give help only to most affected entrepreneurs, is it fair to others? no most probably not, but they did not take anything, they just did not give everyone.

But, then you have a government that decides to freeze bank accounts of people that have a lot of money so they can't spend it, because other people don't have that kind of money.

Witnesses did something that they just weeks ago told that they will never do. and there was no reason to do it, except as a revenge and market manipulation. this has nothing to do with safety of the blockchain. And i am fascinated how all of you are fine with that. and as i said few times now, if they did this to accounts with millions of steem, and all are fine with that, no one would even blink if i wake up with no access to my steem. and that is a bit scary.

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Its not a permanent hard fork. Its a temporary decision that can be reversed after discussion. Ever heard that line before? Yeah, me too.

Btw your analogy doesnt really make any sense. This is akin to shareholders receiving a 1:2 split of their shares, but because they didnt agree with certain investors, they decided to not grant share split to the those investors. They just didnt give it to everybody so its ok? I disagree. (Im making an analogy to what the hive witnesses have done)

yes i heard it, and look who is making all the decisions on the chain with his, "i will never vote or influence governance on the chain, and i will never freeze anyones funds because that is a criminal act", stake. what he does now proves me that there was a real threat to the steem blockchain.

ask @blockbrothers how many votes is needed to go from witness no 1 to witness no 50.

blocking accounts was done as a revenge and market manipulation of few people on steem blockchain, led by a biggest stakeholder. this action has nothing to do with steem blockchain, nothing to do with safety of the chain...

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i agree with the first part fully.

could you just explain me this

Btw Hive guys are trying to take down this chain so we are trying to protect ourselves by acting premptively.

how were blocked accounts a threat to the chain? i don't understand it and i would really like to.

They don't have a reply for this question. It hasn't been answered anywhere I can find, it's just stated as a fact.

i tried to learn about the threat all over the place, asked witnesses, random people, steemit. one answer from a random user was that powering down and selling steem was a threat.

Its not about the power down and selling. If it was just that, I think we would put a red carpet. Their stakes are repeatedly used to try to destroy steem and the users through intentional and malicious downvotes, selfvotes, or spamming. these are not just users, they are bad actors trying to destroy the system. Not to mention the ddos attacks that tried to undermine the stability of the network.

well looks like someone lied to you. you can check the account activity here and you can check how much malicious downvotes, selfvotes, and spamming he did.

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