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코인니스에 올라온 크레딧코인 관련 뉴스입니다.

크레딧코인 네트워크, 아프리카 핀테크 아엘라 서비스 연동

코인텔레그래프에 따르면 아프리카 핀테크 업체 아엘라(Aella)가 크레딧코인(CTC) 네트워크와 협력을 체결하고, 양사의 모든 거래 이력을 연동한다고 발표했다. 이에 따라 아엘라의 모든 신용거래 기록이 크레딧트코인 블록체인 네트워크에 저장된다. 이번 협력은 크레딧코인 2.0 버전 출시와 동시에 이뤄져 업그레이드를 완료하면 빠르게 아엘라 서비스가 연동된다. 코인마켓캡 기준 CTC는 현재 3.73% 오른 0.3833 달러에 거래되고 있다.

아래는 관련된 코인텔레그래프 기사 링크/내용입니다.

Lending network enables transparent credit history in Africa via blockchain partnership

Creditcoin founder Tae Oh said the partnership brings them closer to their goal of giving the unbanked a fairer shot.

African mobile banking platform Aella has partnered with Creditcoin Network to make credit histories transparent by integrating all its transactions into Creditcoin’s public blockchain.

In an announcement sent to Cointelegraph, Creditcoin said that all Aella's credit transactions will be recorded on the Creditcoin blockchain, making it easy to audit and available for viewing through their block explorer. The recorded transactions will include the terms of the loans as well as payments and repayments.

Creditcoin said that the partnership comes with the release of Creditcoin 2.0, an upgrade that makes the network more stable and easier to integrate with.

Aella CEO Akin Jones highlighted that the move allows investors to monitor the performance of its business in real time by looking at the blockchain. This may eventually lead to more capital raises and contributes to giving more Africans access to credit. Jones explained that:

“For us, and millions of users across Africa, that means more and cheaper access to vital sources of credit.”

Tae Oh, the founder of Creditcoin, expressed excitement over the 2.0 launch and partnership with Aella. According to Oh, the new development is a step toward the project's goal of giving the unbanked a "fairer shot."

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In April, a report showed that crypto ownership in Nigeria was boosted because of the lack of proper financial infrastructure in the region. The report, published by crypto exchange KuCoin, noted that a lot of Nigerian citizens have begun adopting crypto as an alternative means of transferring assets.

Meanwhile, venture funding for startups within the African region has grown by 11x in 2022, according to he African Blockchain Report 2021. Because of this, the report predicts that a blockchain unicorn may surprise the region in two to three years.

글루와/CTC관련 링크

프로모션 페이지 : https://promotion.gluwa.com
루니버스(aella의 모든 송금기록) : https://sidescan.luniverse.io/chains/3158073271666164067/dashboard
크레딧코인 익스플로러(발행량,채굴진행, 난이도 등): https://explorer.creditcoin.org
글루와 : https://gluwa.com/
글루와 트위터 : https://twitter.com/gluwa
크레딧코인 백서 : https://creditcoin.org/white-paper
크레딧코인 디스코드 : https://discord.gg/MMBh2u235g
크레딧코인 트위터 : https://twitter.com/creditcoin
크레딧코인 블로그 : https://blog.creditcoin.org/
글루와 채용 : https://boards.greenhouse.io/gluwa

투자는 본인의 판단으로 / 믿는 만큼만 / 응원합니다.

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