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글루와 이벤트 입니다.
다음 달 말일까지 진행되며, 상금은 총 상금은 2,700 CTC입니다.

Loving Gluwa Invest?
Drop us a review and share your thoughts, it helps us more than you could know ❤️
Luckily for you, we’re also giving away prizes for anyone that does!!!
Event Details 🧵👇

1/ What we’re looking for 😄

Our community is our greatest asset, so we’d love you to share your thoughts on Gluwa Invest!
👉 What was your experience like?
👉 Has it helped you achieve your goals?
👉 How has it positively impacted your life?

2/ What you need to do 📜

All you need to do is share your investment story!
You can leave your review on Twitter, on the app store, YouTube, a blog, Facebook, whatever! The choice is yours. ✍️
Then submit your review in the Typeform 👇

3/ Rewards & Rules 📏

✅ Submit multiple reviews to increase your odds!
✅ You give us permission to use any reviews in our marketing.
✅ Include hashtags like, Gluwa, GluwaInvest, OpenFi, RealYield $CTC, DeFi etc.
Prizes 🎁
1 x 1k $CTC
1 x 700 $CTC
1 x 500 $CTC
5 x 100 $CTC

4/ Other infoℹ️

🗓️ Period: 26 Dec ~ 31 Jan, 2023
🗓️ Winner Announcement: Feb 10, 2023
❗️Rewards sent within 14 days of winner announcement.
❗️Prize payments may be delayed due to Ethereum network gas fees.
❗️If you enter any incorrect information, you may not receive your prize.

글루와/CTC관련 링크

프로모션 페이지 : https://promotion.gluwa.com
루니버스(aella의 모든 송금기록) : https://sidescan.luniverse.io/chains/3158073271666164067/dashboard
크레딧코인 익스플로러(발행량,채굴진행, 난이도 등): https://explorer.creditcoin.org
글루와 : https://gluwa.com/
글루와 트위터 : https://twitter.com/gluwa
크레딧코인 백서 : https://creditcoin.org/white-paper
크레딧코인 디스코드 : https://discord.gg/MMBh2u235g
크레딧코인 트위터 : https://twitter.com/creditcoin
크레딧코인 블로그 : https://blog.creditcoin.org/
글루와 채용 : https://boards.greenhouse.io/gluwa

투자는 본인의 판단으로 / 믿는 만큼만 / 응원합니다.

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