CTC - OpenFi Partnership Strategy

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OpenFi 생태계 성장을 돕기 위한 글루와팀의 파트너쉽 선택 전략입니다.

Want to know how we pick partners to help grow the #OpenFi ecosystem? 🤔
There’s lots of factors involved...
🌇 Financial Inclusion
🪙 $CTC integration & Gluwa Invest
🤖 Technological Opportunities
We discuss our partnership strategy inside 👇
트윗 링크 : https://twitter.com/gluwa/status/1568192566495006720

Our OpenFi Partnership Strategy

Want to know how we choose our partners to help grow the OpenFi ecosystem? Find out inside.
원문 링크 : https://medium.com/@gluwa/our-openfi-partnership-strategy-4dc23640f319

글루와/CTC관련 링크

프로모션 페이지 : https://promotion.gluwa.com
루니버스(aella의 모든 송금기록) : https://sidescan.luniverse.io/chains/3158073271666164067/dashboard
크레딧코인 익스플로러(발행량,채굴진행, 난이도 등): https://explorer.creditcoin.org
글루와 : https://gluwa.com/
글루와 트위터 : https://twitter.com/gluwa
크레딧코인 백서 : https://creditcoin.org/white-paper
크레딧코인 디스코드 : https://discord.gg/MMBh2u235g
크레딧코인 트위터 : https://twitter.com/creditcoin
크레딧코인 블로그 : https://blog.creditcoin.org/
글루와 채용 : https://boards.greenhouse.io/gluwa

투자는 본인의 판단으로 / 믿는 만큼만 / 응원합니다.

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