CTC - OpenFi Recap | September 2022

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글루와의 9월 리포트가 나왔습니다.

Creditcoin 🐧@creditcoin
Want to know what Gluwa and Creditcoin have been up to? 🤔
In September we...
🔥 Partnered with TRON
⛓️ Announced @0xPolygon integration
🏗️ Started working with the LFZDC
➕ Lot’s more…
Check out our September OpenFi Recap for all the details 👇

OpenFi Recap | September 2022

This month in OpenFi: TRON + Polygon support, three new OpenFi partners and a major deal with the Lekki Free Zone.
It’s time for the monthly OpenFi Recap, covering all the latest updates, stories, articles and more. This time for the (not so) lovely month of September. It might feel like winter is slowly drawing in, but fear not, we’re here to warm you up with lovely stories about financial inclusion and interoperability. Let’s dive in.

글루와/CTC관련 링크

프로모션 페이지 : https://promotion.gluwa.com
루니버스(aella의 모든 송금기록) : https://sidescan.luniverse.io/chains/3158073271666164067/dashboard
크레딧코인 익스플로러(발행량,채굴진행, 난이도 등): https://explorer.creditcoin.org
글루와 : https://gluwa.com/
글루와 트위터 : https://twitter.com/gluwa
크레딧코인 백서 : https://creditcoin.org/white-paper
크레딧코인 디스코드 : https://discord.gg/MMBh2u235g
크레딧코인 트위터 : https://twitter.com/creditcoin
크레딧코인 블로그 : https://blog.creditcoin.org/
글루와 채용 : https://boards.greenhouse.io/gluwa

투자는 본인의 판단으로 / 믿는 만큼만 / 응원합니다.

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