film | Meet joe Black (1998)

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That's life.
It's just life.

  • 감독: Martin Brest
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  • 공감하는 대사

In this world nothing is certain but death and taxes.

  • 또 공감하는 대사

Money can't buy happiness? (Yeah.)

  • 또 공감하는 대사가 있었는데 길어서......


  • 영화 마지막 장면에 흘러나오던 What a wonderful world 연주곡이 좋았는데.....

  • 아이러니하지만 삶과 죽음이 리얼하게 공존하는 곳, 병원
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<조 블랙의 사랑> ^^ 💙


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This is definitely one of the TOP 5 from my favorites movies, it's a master peace.

One of my favorites quotes:

-Who are you?
-Calculate millenniums multiplied by eras and infinite cycles. Since then I exist.

넘 멋진 저승사자 ㅋㅋ 기억나네요 ㅎ

울었던거 같은데 ?
브레드 피트의 표정 - 뭘 모른다는 순진한?- 이 생각나는 영화.

Nice old film! Incredible story line!

Hahaha 😂 my thoughts exactly!

Very good movie, can you imagine death coming for us like this?

조 블랙의 사랑... 왜 멋진 브래드가 땅콩버터 먹는 모습만 기억에 남는지.. 브래트 피트를 위한 영화라는 생각밖에 나지 않네요. 다시 봐야겠어요.^^

There are slightly different habits in my country. The administration is constantly punishing good citizens who pay their taxes on time by forgiving their citizens who do not pay their taxes on time. This situation is ridiculous.

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Nice movie, thank you for sharing!

Thank You for sharing Your insights... on the movie Joe Black.