[BSW] 2차 세일 참가해볼까 고민중

이번엔 제시간에 되려나?

일단 시간은 한시간 후겠네요. 이번에는 봇들을 막는다면서 추가로 조건들을 좀더 걸었던데... 효과가 있을지 모르겠네요.


  1. Minimum 100 BSW Staked in BSW Launchpool (Manual or Auto-Compound) at the time of purchase
  2. Minimum 5 Robi Boosts on the Balance on the time of purchase or minimum 1 NFT (Robbies Earn Collection) on your wallet (staked or unstaked)

🗓Date: 20 December
⏰Time: 15:00 PM (UTC)

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@glory7 transfered 15 KRWP to @krwp.burn. voting percent : 100.00%, voting power : 28.66%, steem power : 1892282.36, STU KRW : 1200.
@deer3 staking status : 7600 KRWP
@deer3 limit for KRWP voting service : 7.6 KRWP (rate : 0.001)
What you sent : 15 KRWP (Voting Percent over 100 %)
Refund balance : 7.686 KRWP [60013045 - 2e3f226edd6ae6db58a61945cd4dd40cee95a952]